El Gringo Imagine There’s No Bacon


El Gringo Imagine There’s No Bacon

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[El Gringo Imagine There’s No Bacon]


Imagine you are a muslim
visiting the Taj Mahal
Your momma calls you on the telephone
Haka laka mala leeleelee haka hamal
Imagine there’s no bacon
waiting in the world for you

Imagine marrying your cousin
who is only five
make her wear a curtain
cut some slots out for some eyes
Imagine getting to heaven
seventy two virgins dogs

I might have to change religions
but I’m not the only one
If I only had some bacon
then the world could be as one

Halla hakbal Alla Haka hamalala
Haka leelee laka haka hamal
Haka mika (ancient untranslatable dialect)
My daddy got killed running in the Haj

Imagine ten thousand people
running around in a little circle like a bunch of antelopes in Africa
somebody just got trampled! oh
You might say I’m a dumbass
But I’m not the only one
You don’t want to come and join us
because you can’t have any bacon

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El Gringo Imagine There's No Bacon

El Gringo Imagine There’s No Bacon

(Original song by John Lennon)
(All instruments and voices done by El Gringo 2015)

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