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Eclipse Personalities

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Channel one shit nigga it’s eclipse mother fuckers
“Background” ‘Yeah, all these niggas about to die tonight nigga”

Got them AK’s and them shotty’s, got them AK’s and them shotty’s all my niggas dropping bodies what?
Got them AK’s and them shotty’s, got them AK’s and shotty’s all my niggas dropping bodies, huh?

Verse 1
Bitch you wanna see a body you can’t tell no body. I’ma drop these body’s just like I am bobby but smurda you ain’t never heard of nigga I’ma murder I’m a killa I’m a mother fucker chillen in the villas getting scrilla. nigga stacking paper fuck a hater I will flip her like a skater but a nigga but a nigga never date her. I be putting food on bitches like a cater ahh. (Damn I’m too nice)

Verse 1.5
Said I’m flipping in the game, killing all the names you already know it like I’m james ahh. getting rangs ah. Gotta get this change but, you already know bitch yeah I fucking came up. Came up bitch, you changed up bitch. jumping hoes bitch you be jumping dick. (you slut) I be flipping shit, flipping all this work and shit. beat the pussy up and then I’m lifting up the skirt real quick, and them I’m working bitch, yeah I’m going working bitch. I’m swag on this beat yeah I just be surfing bitch. You already know I’m about to break the surface bitch. you already know I fuck your friend she is a worthless bitch.


Verse 2
Shout out to the bitches in thew 360. rolling up nigga with like three, six hoes. Left the party nigga got like three, six mo and now my hoes nigga got like three, six flows. Three, six flows, three, six hoes, man I’m getting bitches yeah they like my flows. foreign hoes. I’m stacking doe. And getting to the paper nigga getting mo. I’ma do a show she gone shake that ass. I been getting money nigga trying to stack this cash. Nigga getting money I’ma get it fast.

Nigga getting money this can’t be my last, this be my first nigga, yeah my first nigga, beat the pussy up she go deeper than the earth nigga. I beat the pussy swear to god I leave it hurt nigga. Swear to got I beat it up, I’m tearing of the skirt nigga. The skirt nigga, make the pussy skirt nigga, yeah beat the pussy up, I be doing work nigga, doing work nigga, doing work nigga. Beat the pussy up and then I make the pussy skirt Nigga

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Eclipse Personalities

Eclipse Personalities

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