Dylan Sceneable We Need Communism


Dylan Sceneable We Need Communism

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[Dylan Sceneable We Need Communism]

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Hey guys, your old-pal Sceneable here, and I want to make a video about why to this day after the time and history when it – when it was founded we still need communism.

Now for any of you who don’t know, communism is the idea of a nation sharing the wealth. And while some people call it distributing, um… if I were to ever start a country with a communist government, wink, wink, wait 12 years. Um… I’d probably make it like have these company – like these buildings which you can put in money for other people to have, you know, kind of a share-share. Now I know not all communist states are like this, but still distributing is just as fine as sharing it.

Well, I’m not explaining why we need communism, I’m just giving a difference between distributing, because they are technically are, because, hey, a parent could make their child share a toy or something. Anyway, now I wonder why we actually need communism, like actually need – it’s cold out here.

Um… I have two reasons; one, poor people – we really can’t have poor people. It’s not good for a bunch of – for like a whole class of people to be poor. People need money. We can’t just let people or be around just be homeless because they can’t get jobs. Money is important, so that’s another reason we need communism.

[Dylan Sceneable:] Source: LYBIO.net
And secondly, some people might say, oh! We have welfare. Welfare just promotes lazy people and I don’t know but I’m pretty sure welfare, especially down in the United States, costs a bit of moolah.

So, yeah, all those morons saying that communism is the same as welfare, you can go – leave because you are just an absolute moron. Just look up the definition of that. I’m sorry I got a little heated, but when people say it’s the same as welfare I get really angry.

[Dylan Sceneable:] Source: LYBIO.net
Anyway, yeah, that’s why we still need communism. Bye.

Dylan Sceneable We Need Communism

Dylan Sceneable We Need Communism

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