Dusty The Cat Burglar


Dusty The Cat Burglar

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[Dusty The Cat Burglar]

Meet Dusty. By day, he is a house pet. When the sun goes down, it is time to hit the streets. Dusty is a cat burglar.

[Ethan McLelland:] Source: LYBIO.net
He always steals stuff.

Neighbors like five-year old Ethan McLelland know him by his alias – Klepto the Cat.

[Ethan McLelland:]
Well, she took my mom’s swimming clothes.

Neighbors are on guard, but his victims don’t intend to file police reports.

[Kelly McLelland:]
No we haven’t because we know where he go.

I think those are for playing Hockey.

They go to Jean Chu and Jim Coleman’s home. Dusty belongs to them. In the past three years, they figure he has stolen about 600 items. And he is not choosy; he will take anything that is not locked down.

[Jean Chu:]
Towels, gloves, shoes, socks, little toys, children’s toys.

This pair of shoes which he took in two trips and even people’s personal items.

[Jean Chu:]
Whities, and we have some, we had some black ones too.

He especially likes bathing suits drying outside, He stole Kelly McLelland bikini bottom.

[Kelly McLelland:]
And then came back about 10 minutes later and took the top one. So yeah, we know him very well.

Dusty’s MO is always the same. He leaves home at night and returns with his loot in the early morning. The TV Network Animal Planet recently installed the camera outside the house. It captured his nightly forays for a week. Chu says, Dusty’s record take for one night is pretty amazing.

[Jim Coleman:]
One night how many?

[Jean Chu:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
11, 11 different things.

It’s getting dark now. The question is which house will Dusty hit. It’s a purrfect night for a heist.

Klepto The Cat

Klepto The Cat

Dusty The Cat Burglar. It’s a purrfect night for a heist. Pets And Animals Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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