Dr Wubbo Ockels Save Earth


Dr Wubbo Ockels Save Earth Final Speech

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[Dr Wubbo Ockels Save Earth Final Speech]

[Wubbo Johannes Ockels (March 28, 1946 – May 18, 2014):] Source: LYBIO.net
We need some luck.

Some other spacecraft.


Because which what we have now is going to be finished.

As an astronaut you feel excluded to a particular group of people.

And uh… those are the people which are the majority, they are you.

Not being aware of the danger in which we live.

But not suppose I’m going to change all of you.

Suppose I can transfer the experience to – to you – then you would go out and see the earth and YOU would see the blue sky, not the blue sky which you see when you are outside…

In space you see that you’re the only one.

The only planet.

You have no spare.

And so you have to take care, of this one and only planet.

Our earth has cancer.

I have cancer too.

And most people with cancer, they die.

Well in fact, everybody will die.

But we make enough people to continuously survive mankind on the earth.

We need to conserve our own planet.

And you, when you have, I say the spirit and the insight and the attitude of an astronaut, you start to love the earth in a way other people can’t.

And if you really love something, you don’t want to lose it.

You know, my wife, ha-ha – she doesn’t want to lose me. She wants to do everything so just so I can stay alive. That’s the love and attitude which humankind should have toward the earth.

We do not have fifty percent of our roofs covered with solar.

We do not have more than half of our cars electric.

We certainly do not have a production in which there is a reasonable amount of material recycled.

We don’t have any of these things.

[Wubbo Ockels:] Source: LYBIO.net
And then the question comes: okay, well, what’s wrong?

What’s wrong with the mindset…

I’m sure but I can’t claim it, but when I heard on 18 April 2013 that I had a very bad cancer – damn kidney cancer, and also changed into a sarcomatoide, which means that – you know – it just slipped through all kinds of things and the doctor – beautiful doctor and he said: you have a fair amount of time.

And of course each time I asked him: What does ‘fair’ mean?” And then he was not very accurate, but he said: “well, months, maybe a year.”

I got over a year. And a good year. Because I believed there’s a good future. And I believed you know – you can do things with – with the power, with the mindpower.


We, people.

Coming from the same molecules out of one bloody strong star which bursted out.

We, who have developed over billions of years: life.
Life is made by we, humanity are so strong that we can save the earth.

[Wubbo Ockels:] Source: LYBIO.net
But we also can destroy it.

Even a small thing, does something.

Dr Wubbo Ockels Save Earth Final Speech

Dr Wubbo Ockels Save Earth Final Speech

Dr Wubbo Ockels Save Earth Final Speech. Take care, of this one and only planet. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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