Dr Ben Carson 1998 Graduation Key Note Speaker


Dr Ben Carson 1998 Graduation Key Note Speaker

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[Dr Ben Carson 1998 Graduation Key Note Speaker]

[Benjamin Solomon “Ben” Carson, Sr. (September 18, 1951):] Source: LYBIO.net
Congratulations to the graduates. I’d like to start with a word of prayer. Our kind and gracious Heavenly Father, we’re thank you for that you have brought us together in your sanctuary to commemorate a milestone in the lives of individuals who will go forth to serve you. I ask that the words that are spoken here this morning be not mine, but yours let our hearts be prepared, I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

For you guys are fortunate today because we have two services and this one is supposed to be over at 11. So it a good thing I’m a surgeon, because I can cut this short.

I thought that that I would talk about the own – my own personal philosophy for success in life, think big. Each one of those letters you know means something special, but the whole concept is something special also. Because we must recognize to whom we belong, we belong to God. And God is the creator of the universe. The original big thinker and since we are his offspring, there is certainly no reason that we shouldn’t in any way limit our concepts of what we will be able to do.

I think back on Joseph, one of my favorite Bible characters. Joseph’s big thinking got him into a little trouble. You know. He was thinking, all you guys are going to be bowing down to me, you know. And that was okay for him to think that, but he shouldn’t have said it, you know. You have to exercise some wisdom, but at anyway that big thinking of his look where it got him. He ended up being sold to slavery. But did that dampen his thinking, in no-way.

[Dr. Ben Carson:]
He said if I’m going to be in prison, I want to be the best prisoner they ever saw. And he ended up in charge of the prison. I mean that was pretty big thinking. And before that of course as a slave in Potiphar’s household, he said if I’m going to be here, I’m going to be the best slave and he ended up running the household. And of course, he ended up as Prime Minister of the most powerful nation in the world at that time.

So that should tell us a fair amount about the persistence of having large concepts and making sure that we include God in those concepts. So I think that is really the key. And you know, I think about some of the things that Joseph did as the Prime Minister of Egypt. He was a man who was basically able to save the entire world with his big thinking, building grain reserves that would last for seven years of famine. Can you imagine, having the technology, the wisdom, the knowledge to be able to do that. We can’t do that now. He was able to do that back then.

Now, my own personal theory is that Joseph built the pyramids in order to store grain. Now all the archaeologists think they were made for the Pharaoh’s graves, but you know it have to be something awfully big. You stop and think about it, I don’t think, it would just disappear over the course of time to store that much grain. And when you look at the way the pyramids are made, with many chambers that are hermetically sealed. They would have to be that way for a reason and you know – various scientists have said well you know there were alien beings that came down, and they had special knowledge and that’s how they arose. It doesn’t require an alien being when God is with you.


And that’s really the key. People may not even be able to explain. What it is that you are accomplishing? But they don’t have to be able to explain it when God is there. All you have to do is accept his presence. And his total understanding of everything and link yourself with that and what a difference it makes – it makes you calm, I have many arguments. I guess you could call them discussions with so called scientists who think that I should not believe in God, because there is scientific evidence of the way that life involved. I remember once a few years ago, it was uh – there were about eight or nine panelist. They were all Nobel Prize winners and uh … the question came out how did life originate? And after all their imaginations, they finally came to the conclusion that life emanated as a result of a bunch of promiscuous biochemicals getting together.

[Dr. Ben Carson:]
That was the best that they could come up with. And recently, I had a discussion with a well known physicist and uh…. you know, he was talking about The Big Bang Theory and how all this obviously culminated into this wonderful extraordinarily organized solar system that we now have, which you can set your watch by, where a scientist can predict 70 years away when a comet is coming. I mean that’s an incredible amount of organization to have originated from just a large explosion. And as he was going through this, I said, you are a scientist, right? He said yes, of course. And I said, and you believe in scientific principles. Well, yes. I said, do you believe in the first law of thermodynamics. Of course, I do.

I said, you know, that’s Entropy, right. He said yeah. I said that says that things tend to move towards the state of disorganization, rather than organization, is that right. Yes. So now, would you just reconcile those two things for me The Big Bang and Entropy. Well of course he has no answer for that. They never have an answer for any of these things. And see, that’s the wonderful thing about having a relationship with God. You know. God has already told us what happened. So we don’t have to come up with fanciful theories about things so that we can take the place of God, we don’t have to do that. And part of thinking big, is thinking God.

Now each one of those letters mean something special, the T is for talent, which God gave to every single one of you and obviously many of you have exercised that and this is not the culmination of it. This is really just a beginning of it. And but I want to concentrate on intellectual talent. A lot of times we think about talent as singing, playing an instrument, throwing a ball, running fast, things like that. And those are – those are nice talents. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong those and I enjoy music and I enjoy sports and all these things. But the fact of the matter is a lot of times when people think about talents, they don’t think intellectual talent.

And God has blessed us all with very significant intellectual talents. And that was something that I of course did not recognize when I was a youngster. I remember when I was in the fifth grade once having an argument with some of my classmates about who was the dumbest person in the class. And it wasn’t that much of an argument because everybody agreed it was me, but uh… but then someone tried to extend the argument to who was the dumbest person in the world. Well, I took exception to that. So a rather serious argument ensued but unfortunately we happened to have a math quiz that day, and as usual I got a zero. You had to pass your test to the person behind you, they correct it and give it back to you, the teacher would call your name and you would have to report your score out loud.

Now this presented me with a significant dilemma, because I knew that as soon as I said zero that all the kids would burst out in laughter and say see, we told you, you were the dumbest person in the world. So I said how can I report my score and not say zero. So I began to scheme. And I said when the teacher calls my name, I’ll mumble, maybe she’ll misinterpret what I said. So when she called my name, I said Nnn. She said nine. Benjamin you got nine, right. Oh… this is wonderful. Didn’t I tell you, you could do it, if you just applied yourself, class I want you to observe this day, Benjamin has got nine, you’re right. This is wonderful

Now, it had 30 questions on it. But anyway, finally the girl behind me couldn’t take it any longer and she stood up and said he said none. Well, of course. The kids were just roaring in laughter and the teacher was so embarrassed and if I could have disappeared into thin air at that point. Never to be heard from again in the history of the world. I would gladly have done so, but I couldn’t.

So I just had to sit there and act like it didn’t bother me. But it did, it bothered me a lot. Not enough to make me study, but it bothered me a very substantially. And unfortunately, the way that I was then is the way that a lot of the young people are today. It’s really an epidemic. I think many of you are aware of some of the statistics that came out about seven or eight weeks ago, showing how our young people in high school in this nation, our top high school students scored against students in other industrialized nations. And we scrape the bottom of the barrel we were dead last in physics, next to last in math right along the bottom in just about every category particularly anything dealing with science and that’s a problem. That’s a significant problem for our nation because we have moved out of the industrial age.

[Dr. Ben Carson:]
Out of the agricultural age into the information age where knowledge is power. And those of us who claim a relationship with the creator of the universe certainly must avail ourselves of the knowledge that he is provided for us. You know… a friend of mine Francis Collins is the director of the Human Genome Project. He’s a Christian. And he has saying that I love. He says ‘every time we discover something new – I now know something that previously only God knew’. I think that is a very wonderful way to look at things. You don’t see that very often in the scientific community, but we must become the kind of individuals who make no excuses when it comes to intellectual talent.

The ‘H’ is for honesty. Honesty is absolutely essential for anyone who claims to be a child of God. I remember a few years ago, I made a commercial in Maryland, because a vote was coming up about abortion and I made a commercial basically stating that people needed to think before they killed innocent babies and basically it was a prolife commercial. Well the prolife people took that commercial and they used it along with some other things that were not true to scare people. At which time, I called a press conference and I asked them to remove the commercial from the air. I said that even though I’m very much against the concept of abortion, I’m even more opposed to the concept of untruth. And that I did not want my name associated with anything that smacked of untruth.

That required a lot of courage. But you know something, when you do the things that are right, it is very interesting what the consequences are, because when all of the dust settle both the prolife people and pro-choice people thought I was on their side. Kind of funny how that works somebody said, you know, you ought to run for political office because everybody thinks you are on their side. Well, you know the fact of the matter is when you align yourself with God, you are on everybody’s side.


[Dr. Ben Carson:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Because God’s on everybody side. God loves everybody regardless of their political persuasion, regardless of their ethnic persuasion, regardless of their education.

Dr Ben Carson 1998 Graduation Key Note Speaker

Dr Ben Carson 1998 Graduation Key Note Speaker

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