Donald Trump VS The Cameraman


Donald Trump VS The Cameraman

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[Donald Trump VS The Cameraman]

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These cameras back here right now, they will never show this crowd. They’ll never show this crowd. No, no. They’re never going to show this crowd. They’re never going to show it.

Turn it. Turn it. Turn it. Spin it. Spin the camera. Spin the camera. Ahhhh… Look at the guy in the middle. Look at the guy in the middle. Why aren’t you turning that camera? Why aren’t you turning the camera?

Terrible. It’s so terrible. Look at him. He doesn’t turn the camera. He doesn’t turn the camera. It’s a disgusting – I’ll tell you, it’s disgusting.

The only time they turn the camera is if we have a heckler, I like hecklers because the only time these guys turn the cameras and then you see how many people are here.

I tell you I go home all the time. And my wife, she watches on television it’s always live. And they do get good ratings for these speeches, but she watches on television.

She always says, like, she’ll say tonight, I’ll get home like 1 o’clock in the morning, she just say, Darling, did you have many people there?

I said what?

She said, they never take the camera off your face. They don’t want to show the crowd. That’s what it is. They don’t want to show. They’re really dishonest people. No they are. No. Look at the guy in the middle, look at that guy turn the camera, turn it.

[Donald Trump:] Source:
Look at those guys, they don’t turn it. But if one persons over in the corner, if one person is over there, those cameras they make him into a pretzel. I thought they couldn’t turn them. I thought mechanically, they didn’t turn. They turn, they turn. Put a guy over the corner that’s protesting, and you’ll see those cameras; they’ll be in 14 different positions.

It’s so damn unfair the press, it’s terrible, it’s terrible. I mean that guy, that guy right there who do you shoot for, that guy right there has not moved that camera, it’s disgusting.

All right. Enough, you all know that he’s instructed by his bosses do not move the camera they will fire him I guess, I don’t know. It’s really, its really terrible.

So a couple of things have happened, here we go to fire him. I’d fire his ass right now if I could. True.

You know, you know, just to show you stupidity at this level. They don’t realize that shooting these crowds is good television, okay. They don’t really. I’ll tell you, my wife said they never move from your face. Now you know I think I have an okay face, they never move from your face. They never ever move from your face. And you see it with this character in the middle. And – and honestly, look at the people up, look every corner and then outside of the arena.

They are not turning the camera. Do we have a protester available? It would actually be good television but they want to marginalize all of us. So it’s really terrible. It’s really – honestly it’s really terrible. Well, that’s okay. Now look. So…

We will make America great again.

Donald Trump VS The Cameraman

Donald Trump VS The Cameraman

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