Donald Trump University Truth


Donald Trump University Truth

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[Donald Trump University Truth]

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There’s been so much talk by dishonest people about Trump University, or Trump Entrepreneur Initiative, and I thought I should set the record straight.

#1, it’s something I could have settled numerous times, but I just don’t believe in settling, especially when you’re right.

Recently at the Fox debate they said they had D- rating from the Better Business Bureau, I said that’s not true. It had an A. They said, no you’re wrong it has a D-. Well, I turned out to be right.

Before the end of the debate I gave them the A, we had it sent to us.

And here’s the A rating from the Better Business Bureau and they refused to put it on that night. They probably said it some other time when no one was listening. So we have an A rating not a D- rating.

Trump University Truth BBB Rating

Trump University Truth BBB Rating

Additionally, I just saw a commercial made by a very dishonest guy, lightweight Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, who is dying in the poles, and dying as a candidate.

And he made a commercial with a few people, two of which, and we have the third, we’re looking for – is Bob Guillo and here is his report card on the school and he talks about, excellent. What grades – quality of presentation – quality of everything. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. All excellents 100% and then in the back he talks about other things – all excellent.

Trump University Truth Bob Guillo

Trump University Truth Bob Guillo

In other words, he gives a report, that gives an excellent, wonderful!

Then we have the other person named Kevin Scott also in your thing; all excellent. He gives it 5+ with the rating as high as you can go. Where it says, excellent, he marks it 5+, 5+, mostly 5+’s and this is named Kevin Scott, he’s another one that’s in the commercial saying horrible things about The Trump University or Trump Entrepreneur Initiative, horrible, horrible things, they just want to get their money back.

So normally somebody would of immediately settled, I just can’t do that – I don’t like to settle. When I’m right about something, I like to go to court, so I’ll go to court.

We have 98% of the people that took the courses have reports like this, where they, for some reason signed report cards at the end, which I think is a great idea and a great thing that they did but when they are on the stand they will be showing and shown these reports.

[Donald Trump:] Source:
So you have people doing the commercial, they say terrible things and yet they write reports saying, it was excellent in all respects – EXCELLENT, in all respects!

Why would anybody settle a case when we have reports like this and even beyond this, why would people settle a case like this, I just can’t do it. And you know what? The United States should fight back also, we shouldn’t just be settlers, we should fight back and do what’s right. It would of been easier for me to settle, it would of been less complicated for me to settle but I’ll easily win this case when it comes to court, I look forward to it.

Once you settle, everybody sues you.

I don’t get sued very often, because I’m not a settler. Thank you.




Trump University Truth

Trump University Truth

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