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Donald J Trump For President HEARTLAND4TRUMP

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[Donald J Trump For President HEARTLAND4TRUMP]


Mark Geist & Donald Trump Jr.

Many times I have conversations with hunters who are like yeah, I just don’t like making it, you know, political. Because it’s my pastime, it’s my hobby, it’s my passion. You know when I get that I was that way probably myself a few years ago


until I realized that hey if you don’t start being vocal, if you don’t show up and vote your conscience on these things, it’s going to be gone because the other side is [split]. You know their hobby is getting rid of your freedoms.


And your pastime especially when it is hunting. So hunters have to be vocal, they have to get out there. They have to make their voices heard.

[Mark Geist – Voice Over:] Source:
When I grew up we hunted and fished. We went to church on Sunday and respected law and order. Hard work and honesty was valued and traditional American values were always seen as a positive. When I enlisted to serve our Country I did so because I deeply believed in those American values. I believe those American values are worth fighting and dying for. Unfortunately a politically correct America has abandoned those values.


Just like me and my fellow Americans were abandoned in Benghazi the time has come to change the course of American history. This November us Americans who believe that America is the greatest country in the world, that believe our faith and family and our way of life are worth fighting for, must take our country back from the corrupt and crooked politicians that have driven our country to the brink of destruction.

I’ve seen firsthand what Hillary Clinton thinks about American values and it’s not good. Her lack of honesty and bad judgment speaks volumes to her total lack of ability to lead this nation. On the other hand, I spent time with Donald Trump and his family they share our traditional American values. And Donald Trump will work hard to preserve those values of freedom, faith, family and hard work. He will secure our borders he’ll adhere to the Constitution and bring back ‘law and order’ and protect our right to hunt and keep in bare arms.

I’ve asked some of my friends their thoughts on just how important this election is including Mr. Trump’s own message at the end.

Michael Waddell
TV Personality

I’m so proud to be from a hunting family and I can tell you I thank God every day for having opportunity to put food on my table for my family just like so many families before us and when hunting becomes politically incorrect. Let me tell you something America has lost its way. And I believe personally that Hillary Clinton will never ever support our hunting heritage.

Sheriff David A. Clarke
Milwaukee County

What I see in Donald Trump is leadership and that’s what this country needs it’s what it’s crying out for. I think the theme would make America great again, to heal this nation and get us to focus on what really made this country great from the beginning of its founding and as we all saw ourselves as Americans first.

Ted Nugent

The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence, The Ten Commandments, The Golden Rule. We the people, choosing our own pursuit of happiness it doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world. Hunting, fishing, trapping; we the people own these precious renewable natural resources. It’s a way of life because why conservation is the greatest success story in the world here in America. Hillary Clinton is against all these things she will destroy the freedom that is uniquely American. Donald Trump will safeguard the things that make America the greatest place in the world.

Tiffany Lakosky
TV Personality

We live a hunting lifestyle and we want our son to grow up in a country that places importance on values and hard work. We know Donald Trump will defend our values.

Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland
TV Personality

I believe in leaving the land better than I found it, after all we are just borrowing it from that next generation. I also believe that our way of life is under attack that is why I am voting for Donald Trump. He is running for President because he’s also worried about this country. He shares my concerns and I know in my heart he’s the man for the job. And frankly they’re depended on him.

Keith Mark
TV Personality

I hunt non Pro-Gun but I spend every single day representing Blue-collar union workers. So the issue of jobs is very important to me. Hillary Clinton she supported NAFTA. She said TPP was the gold standard and Hillary Clinton promised that she would put Union Coal Miners out of work. Donald Trump he’s got a plan to bring good paying jobs back to America and he’s going to make it more difficult for companies to take our good paying jobs overseas to use that cheap labor. Donald Trump is not only going to protect our hunting and gun rights. He’s going to bring good paying jobs back to Blue-collar America.

Jason Hairston

I grew up hunting on public lands here in the United States. I have experienced some amazing things on these public lands. And I’m concerned should Hillary Clinton become President that she will sell these public lands off to the highest bidder. The Clinton’s have a track record of this. And know that the Trumps have our best interest in hand and will preserve these wild places and keep them public and allow us to have access not only for ourselves but also for kids.

Julie Kreuter
TV Personality

Hillary Clinton talks about women’s rights but she’s been paid millions of dollars from countries who believe women should have no rights. Furthermore she wants to disarm me which will leave myself, my family, and many women like me helpless to the evils of criminal behaviors. Donald Trump shares my values and I won’t let the mainstream media tell me what to think I’m voting for Donald Trump

Sean Hannity
TV Personality

One of the reasons I’m supporting Donald Trump this year is number one he’s going to put originalists on the Supreme Court people that believe in fidelity to the Constitution, separation of powers, co-equal branches of government. He’s a guy that will vet refugees to keep Americans safe. And of course he is going to build that wall. He says he’s going to Mexico pay for it that’s fine as long as we secure the country. And of course we don’t want people competing for jobs. He said he will eliminate Obamacare, make us energy independent and as somebody who’s been a marksman since I am 11 years old protecting our Second Amendment Rights are paramount to me.

Kris Kobach
Kansas Secretary of State

America has benefited greatly from legal immigration over the years. The illegal immigration is now killing every State in the Union. Every State is a border State now. The time has come once and for all to secure our borders. Donald Trump is the man to get the job done. He will make America safe again and it’ll make American workers secure again against competition for their jobs.

[Mark Geist:]
Get out and vote and be a part of bringing back traditional American values and join me in being a part of making America great again.

[Donald Trump:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
I am so happy and thrilled to have the support of America sportsman and sportswomen. Hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities are favorite pastimes across America passed down from generation to generation. Just incredible. Law abiding gun owners across this nation are at risk. Political correctness Hillary Clinton and Washington insiders are trying to take away our Second Amendment rights and they’re really trying hard like never ever before. That’s wrong and it won’t happen when I’m President I will protect your rights. I will protect your Second Amendment and you can trust me 100%.

Together we will make America secure again and we will make America great again.

Thank you.


Donald J Trump For President HEARTLAND4TRUMP

Donald J Trump For President HEARTLAND4TRUMP

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