Dizzle521 – Nintendo Playstation Superdisc


Dizzle521 – Nintendo Playstation Superdisc

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[Dizzle521 – Nintendo Playstation Superdisc]

[Dizzle521:] Source: LYBIO.net
Alright guys, here she is: The Playstation Nintendo Superdisc.

Not fake. Not made by some Russian dude.

What [do] we have here.

It’s a cartridge, a real cartridge. Here’s what it says, it says: October 6th 1992 and some Japanese writing. Sorry for the shitty camera work. Uh…you can see in there. I don’t know… The back – here.

What’s up guys, user Daniel Diebold and analogueboy (/u/analogueboy) on Reddit, if you’re on there.

Here is the Sony Nintendo Superdisc, no power cables… uh… don’t want to fuck it up so… we’re not just gonna start sticking random power cables in there.

On the bottom here. What we have is this extension port. And uh…this sticker ‘Z’ or a ‘2’. I don’t know.

[Dizzle521:] Source: LYBIO.net
Looks like there is a couple [of] bolts here. But I’m not really trying to start taking it apart, either.

Uh…lets see…

Put this down.

Here is the controller; Sony Playstation but what’s this? Uh…Nintendo… looks like a Super Nintendo Controller but not really sure. I haven’t play one forever, so. Um…ya… so this is for all…

Dizzle521 - Nintendo Playstation Superdisc

Dizzle521 – Nintendo Playstation Superdisc

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