DIRECTV Cable World Inside Man


DIRECTV Cable World Inside Man

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[DIRECTV Cable World Inside Man]

CABLE Headquarters

This guy from engineering says: “DIRECTV is so advanced that you could put TV’s anywhere without looking at cable wires and boxes in every room.”

How are they always one step ahead of us?

Well, because their technology is far superior.

Claim based on Wireless Genie Mini.

Or because they have someone on the inside.

Isn’t that right, Gill?

Sir, I would never.


He’s wearing a wire.

Take off his shirt.

Are you wearing a wire?

Take off his shirt.

Alright, I’m putting you in charge of the holiday party.

Get rid of Cable.

Upgrade based on wired Genie HD DVR with Wireless Genie Mini. Add’l & Advanced Receiver fees not included in price. NEW APPROVED CUSTOMERS ONLY. Lease required. Hardware and programming available separately. Ends 1/4/16. Pro-rated ECF (up to $480) and equipment non-return fees apply. Other conditions apply. Call or visit for details. (C) 2015 AT&T Intellectual Property.

And Upgrade to DIRECTV

$19.99 mo.

Call 1-800-DIRECTV

Now part of the AT&T family.

DIRECTV Cable World Inside Man

DIRECTV Cable World Inside Man

DIRECTV Cable World Inside Man. Get rid of Cable and Upgrade to DIRECTV. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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