Diet Coke – It’s My Diet Coke


Diet Coke – It’s My Diet Coke

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[Diet Coke – It’s My Diet Coke]

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I want to talk to you today about a very real issue that’s happening across the country right now.

You’re probably aware of the campaign “Share a Coke”, [Hundreds of new names to share] that’s currently underway.

Buy a bottle for yourself and if you see your friends name grab one for them too.

You know sharing is fine – for some people.

But for me and for hundreds of thousands of other Diet Coke drinkers out there – it’s not.

Vinne Costa
I don’t want to share my Diet Coke…stop telling me what to do!

Lexi Neaman
Silly @dietcoke I would never share you.

behany mok
But what if I don’t want to share my @DietCoke with my friends?

Names should be no obstacle between you and your Diet Coke.

Here’s some clever examples:

We have ‘Amy’ now as ‘my’ – it’s good.

Then there’s ‘Oliver’ – it’s just ‘Oliver’. It’s just a jerk.

I want you to all know that Diet Coke is fine with you keeping your Diet Coke they just ask that if you are going to change labels do so properly and within brand guidelines.

‘Melissa’ just a little scratchy scratchy…and now this Diet Coke belongs to ‘Me’.

Here’s one I prepared earlier [‘Oliver’] ‘Over You’.

Lets keep every bottle we see this summer because it might be someone else’s name – but that Diet Coke is ‘mine’.


Diet Coke - It’s My Diet Coke

Diet Coke – It’s My Diet Coke

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