DFUOB – 7 Entry (Tallie)


DFUOB – 7 Entry (Tallie)

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[DFUOB – 7 Entry (Tallie)]


BITERS on me like a parasite—–when i Step onto THE STAGE
im flippin letters like im Vanna white

TOO proper for da black friends TOO hood for da white
Some don’t WANNA to say that i was REALLY FLUID on the

mic cuz I

go nuts, like a cop assassin, with a power trip
Just for a slight infraction
– talk with passion THEY do more than harrass ya
They’ll leave you in the wagon with a SPINAL fracture

-How many rappers in the competition
HIT you with the composition
That’ll really make you wanna NOT forget em
How many rappers in the competition
SLACKIN on their composition
Make you really wanna knuckle UP and HIT em

I BRING flows like a menstrual cycle that
That spooks rappers like a FUCK buddy missing her cycle IM
hotter from the top then PEPSI burning up MICHAEL
You still livin witcha mom NORM bates like PSYCHO

—-these kids still SLEEPING on FreddyKreuger- THEY
THEY like Petty fools—–RAPPIN a heavy LUGER
WHO they think they can see me still? Maaaan
Y’all dudes REAL funny like key and peele (low)

I got skills like BILL got weed n pills
I got the juice like BRUCE got skirts n heels
I Got fans cuz I’m crazy with the flow that I give
You got fans cuz the AC is broke at the crib

—-You better say a little sentimental prayer
When I’m done with YOU you GONNA ventolin inhaler
With a paramedic, THAT’S on the way for good measure
Witha STRETCHER you can lay up in until you feel BETTER

Too many WACK rappers thinking they BE DA MAN
Head be on swole like its kirbys dreamland
—But I’m all brains like krang from the turtles
Call me finch cuz I’ll find out if ya MOTHERs still

fertile, what’s

What’s the dildo I’m fuckin rappers like a lesbian
Get it? Dildo? man I SPIT IT it like a thesbian
——-All these haters know I’m bringing the noise
So if I WIN that don’t MEAN that I’m one of they boys They


They wanna pick him as the BEST well he’s not ever
—–I heard HIS and HOPSINS mom / shop together
BECAUSE THEY CHOOSE from the PEOPLE that they knew I

IM fire, on an OFF day Like Craig from FRIDAY
Hurt ya BRAIN Till you needa PAINkiller from Rite aid
– go OFF like the LIGHTS when the bills ain’t got paid
comin to slay WACKness hip hop aint got SPACE

—–shit I been a real MENACE
It’s like I’m a tennis HATER get smacked QUICK coming with

the racKET
—-the music all sounds the same….bet ya daughter bout
to GROW up …..destined to be a RACHET

–I be comin with the metaphors
Rappers waiting on the flow stop the bleeding like menopause
Lotta rappers man they Benafraud
—A popularity contest …to see who’ll be the demigod

Come with da HEAT cuz hip hop it needs it
I ain’t talking bout no watered down DRAKE and MEEK shit
talking old school Eminem nas rakim shit
—-The mainstream really GETS to me I’m speechless

—-Put ya money AGAINST me and it’s a loss
I’ll leave you with ZERO coins like SONIC up on the final

boss I
I don’t give a DAMN if ya came before me
It’s crystal lake BITCH and I’m Jason Vorhees

—-I’m like the FONZIE witsome more STEEZ
–I’ll kill a rapper like that maggot Had Did Michael with the morphine

DFUOB - 7 Entry (Tallie)

DFUOB – 7 Entry (Tallie)

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