Desiree Jennings Flu Shot Story


Desiree Jennings Flu Shot Story

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[Desiree Jennings Flu Shot Story]

A former pro cheerleading ambassador left barely able to walk after getting a flu shot; we first told you about Desiree Jennings last October.

Well, now new video raises questions about what is really going on. Here’s KCAL9’s Leyna Nguyen.

[Leyna Nguyen:] Source:
The video was painful to watch, almost as painful as the violent muscle spasms, Desiree Jennings said she was experiencing. In October, Jennings claimed she developed a rare muscle disorder called dystonia after getting a seasonal flu shot, the illness made it tough for her to talk.

[Desiree Jennings (Patient):]
It’s a battle every day.

[Leyna Nguyen:] Even more bizarre, Jennings had trouble walking forward, but not walking backwards; and she could run, but couldn’t stop easily.

It’s heartbreaking to see her.

[Desiree Jennings:]
I want people to look at me and know this could happen.

[Leyna Nguyen:]
But look at Jennings now. Inside Edition supplied this video of her walking normally, playing with her dogs, shopping, and even driving. Inside Edition had been secretly taping Jennings for weeks.

We were trying to reach you and you have not been returning our phone calls.

[Desiree Jennings:]
Oh, I’m sorry.

What’s going on? It looks like you made a complete recovery.

[Desiree Jennings:]
Well, I wouldn’t say a complete recovery, I still have cognitive issues.

[Leyna Nguyen:]
Inside Edition obtained this official report on Jennings case by the Centers for Disease Control. It says the admitting neurologist thought there was a psychogenic component, psychogenic meaning a mental or psychological cause for the symptoms. Jennings cause the idea that her illness is all in her head, crazy.

[Desiree Jennings:]
I mean people are free for to believe whatever they want, but you know, I mean, clearly what I’ve been going through, I know it’s not psychogenic and it is not I hope so.

[Leyna Nguyen:]
By now you’ve probably noticed Jennings spoke with a foreign accent that she’d never had before.

[Desiree Jennings:]
I’m from Ohio. I should not be talking like this.

[Dr. Steven Novella (Neurologist):]
So there’s no way a flu shot can cause someone’s accent to change, absolutely not.

[Leyna Nguyen:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
One more thing to notice, when Inside Edition first approached Jennings in this parking lot, she seemed to be walking normally. But after their interview, she walked to her car sideways saying it was dystonia. Leyna Nguyen, KCAL9 News.

In October, Jennings said doctors of Johns Hopkins diagnosed her with dystonia.

And she showed Inside Edition a report from her current doctor who says he believes the flu shot did cause her symptoms.

Desiree Jennings Flu Shot Story

Desiree Jennings Flu Shot Story

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