Dean Leysen I Won The Lottery


Dean Leysen I Won The Lottery

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[Dean Leysen I Won The Lottery]

[Dean Leysen:]
Good morning Internets. Yes this is a new angle and yes I have bed hair. But imagine the following scenario, you’re at work or school like any other week day and you get a call from the police department.

They say that your house has burned down, your immediate family and loved ones were all inside and no one survived.

In other words you literally just lost everything. Imagine how that would make you feel.

But you rush home to the site to find out that the police man was actually mistaken and it was your neighbor’s home that burned down, not yours.

Yours is fine, everyone is unharmed, nothing bad happened to you.

Now imagine how relieved and thankful you would feel seeing your house, and your loved ones, and your family again after being sure they were gone and now realized a kicker, nothing actually changed.

Everything is exactly the way it was that morning before you received the call.

The only difference is that you no longer take it for granted because you thought you had lost it.

The reason a lot of people find life becoming dull or boring is because you take things for granted so very quickly, even if it has a great value to us, they just become normal.

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And the same goes for the good and bad experiences that we have. Most of them simply depend on the reference frame in your head.

A man who was just released from a concentration camp, for example, might find a hot meal and a shower to be ecstatic, whilst for you it would be probably the most common thing in the world.

What we find normal or reference frame determines what we expect out of life.

And what we expect determines how happy we are with what we get.

But that reference frame we have is also completely random because it depends entirely on where you were born and how you were raised. And it’s funny because a lot of people want, for example, really badly to win the lottery, because in terms of comfort if you are here, wining a lottery would put you here.

[Dean Leysen:]
But while we are here we should keep in mind that we have just as much if not more chance of being born in a poor country, no shelter, no food, no nothing.

We already won this. We just don’t care about it anymore because in the end if you look at the world make no mistake about it. We did win the lottery. We just don’t really get it.

Dean Leysen I Won The Lottery

Dean Leysen I Won The Lottery

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