David Seaman Huffington Post Terminated Me For Questioning Hillary’s Health


David Seaman Huffington Post Terminated Me For Questioning Hillary’s Health

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[David Seaman Huffington Post Terminated Me For Questioning Hillary’s Health]

[David Seaman (Journalist):] Source: LYBIO.net
Hey, everybody, David here. So it’s late on a Sunday night, but I feel I have to document this because it’s just happened, I’ve taken some screenshots and it’s chilling. I still haven’t really absorbed it because Huffington Post, where I was a contributor, they have revoked my publishing access and they have deleted both of my articles that were published earlier over the weekend. Both of my articles have been pulled without notice of any kind, just completely deleted from the Internet.

And both of those articles mentioned Hillary’s health, which is both a hash tag on Twitter and I linked to a video that a YouTuber, Paul Joseph Watson, had uploaded back on August 4th showing signs that Hillary Clinton’s health is quite poor showing something that appears to be either a seizure or an involuntary muscle spasm while she was questioned by a number of reporters and that video since August 4th that Paul Watson put up has been viewed more than 3.5 million times. So it was a very newsworthy thing for me to link out to people are talking about it, that hash tag has been quite popular.

And whenever a video concerning a presidential candidate’s health is viewed more than 3.5 million times somebody, who is under contract to the Huffington Post and to AOL, should be able to link out to that, especially as a journalist living in the United States of America, should be able to link out to that without having their account revoked without any notice on a Sunday night, late on a Sunday night, its 11 local my time, 11:18 p.m. I don’t like this. This is really not good.

I have written hundreds of stories, filed hundreds of stories over my years as a journalist and pundit and I have never had anything like this happen, a couple of times in the past you know – I’ve had issues where there were legal concerns or something that I have reported on and so there was a discussion with editorial, this is not the Huffington Post, this is another publication, but they didn’t simply delete the articles and make them disappear from the Internet and revoke my access. That’s not what happened.

When there was another issue in the past, I have honestly never seen anything like this. You know – this is happening in the United States in 2016. It’s frankly chilling, I’m a little scared. You know, I’m doing this video also to say I am not suicidal right now. I am not a particularly clumsy person. I don’t own a car at the moment, I Uber around everywhere. So if I am to slip in the shower over the next couple days, or something silly like that, we have to really kind of employ probability and statistics here because I am not a clumsy person, right? And I am also not a depressed person right now. I am a person who is spooked out though. This is spooky to me. This is extremely spooky. I don’t like it.

And privately I had said to some of my friends that what’s happening with some of the media companies and their coverage of this election, I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s scary how they’re not even booking guests to give opposing views. It’s just these non-stop propaganda segments against Trump about how he’s so racist, and these, like, emotional knee-jerk points over and over again that he’s racist, and he’s sexist, and he’s this and he’s that, but they’re ignoring one very big issue that’s starting the bubble up on the Internet.

Certainly, I would not have posted about it, had Paul Watson’s video not already been viewed 3.5 million times – videos not emerged from other publishers on YouTube. So this is getting a lot of traction and to delete my posts about it without notice on a Sunday night and to revoke my access, which has never been done to me before, hundreds of successful articles have gone up under the Huffington Post banner and then in the previous relationship before Business Insider and some other publications. I have never experienced this as a journalist and pundit and researcher. I don’t know really know what to do. I just want to document it now while it’s all fresh. I’ve taken some screenshots. We now have this video at least it will be archived; we can all spread the word. And in the morning, I can assure you when I’ve had a good night’s sleep, I’m going to seek some very good legal counsel and see what the next steps here are.

Thank you again so much everybody, who watch this tonight. I don’t feel like I’m alone right now. Again, I am not depressed or anything. This just spooks me out. This is not good. This is not – you know – a protection of my First Amendment right. It’s not only as a citizen here publishing on U.S. soil. I’m not down in Brazil or somewhere. Like Glenn Greenwald, I’m not publishing controversial stuff; I just linked out to a fucking YouTube video that has been viewed 3.5 million times since the beginning of this month. And for Huffington Post to delete those posts without any notice, that is Orwellian, that’s is something that I’ve read about happening in Mainland China that I have heard happened at least recently with a publication that big. So something is up here; this is not unbiased coverage of this election.

[David Seaman:] Source: LYBIO.net
Thank you, guys, for watching. And, again, thank you for having my back. Thank you for you know – just by watching this, you are a record of what’s going on, right. You can correct the record if something happens, and they start to spin some bullshit narrative. I’m perfectly fine. I’m not clumsy. I plan on reporting more on this certainly. Now the story is that they’re deleting and censoring commentary on her health. Why is that? Do they not want more people to watch that video on YouTube is that what’s going on here. Let’s figure it out. I don’t like mysteries of this sort. So thanks again for having my back and for watching.

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David Seaman Huffington Post Terminated Me For Questioning Hillary's Health

David Seaman Huffington Post Terminated Me For Questioning Hillary’s Health

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