Dave Grohl At Lemmy’s Funeral


Dave Grohl At Lemmy’s Funeral

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[Dave Grohl At Lemmy’s Funeral]

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Hi guys, there’s not enough time for me to tell you how much Lemmy meant to me, and all the amazing experiences I had with him.

The first time I met Lemmy was at fuckin Crazy Girls about 20 years ago, and I was walking back from the mens’ room, and on the way back, I looked at my left and I saw Lemmy by himself in the corner on a video game. And it blew my mind. I knew that I couldn’t just go say something because he was on his own in the corner.

On the way out I thought, ‘I have to say something. He’s my hero. He’s the one true rock ’n ’roller that bridged my love of ACDC and Sabbath and Zeppelin with my love of GBH and the Ramones and Black Flag.

So I walked up and said, ‘Excuse me Lemmy, I don’t want to bother you, but you’ve influenced me so much, you’re my musical hero. I’m a musician. I play in the Foo Fighters, and I was in Nirvana. And he looked up from the video game, and the first thing he ever said to me, he said, “hey I’m sorry about your friend [Kurt Cobain]”.

And in that moment he revealed this gun-slinging, whiskey-drinking badass, motherfucking rock star to being this gun slinging whiskey drinking badass mother fucking rockstar with a heart, and I walked away thinking if I never see him again, that’s enough, for the rest of my life.

But then we became friends. And its one thing when you have a hero, but it’s another when your hero becomes your friend.

And over the years I have a lot of great stories of going to his apartment, and walking through the aisles of pornos and magazines like a Hoarders Episode and the first time I was – or going to the Rainbow ordering two Jack and Cokes and the waitress brings two Jack and cokes and he’s fucking male. [points down] That’s pretty huge.

Or the one time I texted him – I said , ‘hey man, my band’s playing at the Pantaras Theatre tonight you should come down check it out’,

He said, ‘alright’. I said ‘it’s an acoustic show, it’s not like a big rock thing’.

He goes, ‘oh ok’.

An hour later, I’m downstairs in the backstage, and I hear fucking Motorhead blaring out of the dressing room, and I get so excited, like; finally someone else in the band’s listening to fucking Motorhead! And I open up the door and there’s Lemmy, by himself listening to Motorhead with a cigarette and a Jack and Coke in my dressing room.

[…], so then I say ‘hey man’. My mom was there. I’m like, you gotta meet my mom’. So we walk across the hall way, and open up the door, and in that room was my mother, and my wife, and my daughter Violet who at that time was maybe 6 months old.

So Lemmy walks in – he’s got his drink, and he’s got his cigarette, [mimes pointing] and I’m like that’s – this is Lemmy from Motorhead. [Throat growling ‘Lemmy’]

And then he looks and he sees that there’s a baby in a crib in the room, and he puts out his cigarette in his drink, and he puts the drink down.

[Dave Grohl:] Source: LYBIO.net
Now to most people that would seem like nothing, I suppose. But to me, that was my hero putting out his cigarette in his drink and putting it aside because my daughter was there in the room.

So I think what everybody has always known, or at least where I am today, is that Lemmy was not only that gun slinging whiskey drinking badass mother fucking rock n roll star, but he had the biggest heart and he set such a great example because he was so kind to everyone, people he didn’t know, people he loved for years, he was so kind. He and I shared a love of Little Richard.

I always said that if there was one person I could meet it would be Little Richard. Because whose more badass than Little Richard? One day I was in the airport, at LAX and I was standing out on the curb and this guy comes up to me and said, ‘Hey I heard the only person you wanted to meet is Little Richard?

I said; ‘Yeah.’

‘Well that’s my dad.’

I said; ‘What?’

He goes, come here, and we walk over to this limousine, and he taps on the window, and the window comes down a little bit, and it’s fucken Little Richard sitting in his car right there!

Oh my god.

And this guy says [Azza azzza Azzz]
Source: LYBIO.net

Windows comes all the way down.

Little Richard says, God bless you – how are you? Nice to meet you.

And he signs this bible pamphlet thing for me – he hands it to me, and I kept it. [Long pause] And I wanted to give it to him on his birthday. But –
So last night – I sat and tried to find something to say and uh… I know that Lenny wasn’t a religious man, lord fucking knows neither am I. But this is a song Little Richard sang, and I thought I’d read it. It’s called ‘Precious Lord Take My Hand’

Precious Lord, take my hand
Lead me on, and help me stand
Lord I’m tired, I’m so weak,

Lord you know I’m worn,

Through the storm, through the night
Lead me on to the light
Take my hand precious Lord, lead me home

When my way it gets kinda dreary precious Lord’s somewhere near
When my life is almost gone
Hear my cry, Lord
Hear my call
Hold my hand lest I fall
Take my hand precious Lord, lead me home

Cheers Lemmy

Dave Grohl At Lemmy's Funeral

Dave Grohl At Lemmy’s Funeral

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