Dating Agency Video It’s A Longshot


Dating Agency Video It’s A Longshot

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[Dating Agency Video It’s A Longshot]

We’re two gay women

Is there anyone out there who would be interested in sharing our bed with us, Who’s male? I mean obviously it’s a Longshot because we are a couple and we are a gay couple and very much in love.

In love with each other.

But you know if,

There was anybody,

Who would like to watch or…or…

Yeah, he doesn’t have to join in but he could work until joining in and that would be really great.

Teach us or, or,

Does not teach us just be passive or,


…we’ll be active.


Anyone at all really,

I know it’s a Longshot but, um…

Age and size,

Doesn’t matter.

…unimportant, looks unimportant.


Just could just teach us how to – how to pleasure him.


It’d be really nice for us but obviously we do realize it’s,


A bit of a Longshot.


Thanks for listening.


Won’t work.

I don’t think this is going to work.

It's A Longshot

It’s A Longshot

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