Daniel Koren Leaving A Store Beginner’s Guide


Daniel Koren Leaving A Store Beginner’s Guide

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[Daniel Koren Leaving A Store Beginner’s Guide]

When I walk in a store and I leave without buying anything. It feels awkward. I feel like they’re thinking… that I’m stealing something! If you’re also familiar with this problem, here’s what you should do:

Step One- Act naturally. Remember – you’re innocent. If you’re too self-conscious and unable to walk like a person, just relax… it’s normal.

Step Two- When you pass the cashier make an unsatisfied face. Like you couldn’t find what you were looking for. Your eyes should say: it’s not you, it’s me.

Step Seven- If you’re like ‘what?! Step seven already?’ then great! It means that I’m engaging. Hm…

Step Eight- As you approach the exit, and this is really important, walk slightly slower. Linger a little bit. Show that you have nothing to hide. If you were stealing something you’d be running like a mofo, wouldn’t you?! Uh… see what I was doing there?

Okay, now you’re out of the store, and you can walk back to your apartment!

AHHH! Wrong!

That dude can be calling doughnut-one-one any second now!

To seal the deal, move up to Step Fourteen-

Re-enter the store. Pretend you lost your hat. If you were stealing, there’s no way you’d be re-entering the store… again… right? You know what I mean? Now look for your hat. Ask the guy if he saw it. Connect with him, show him that you’re a person too.

Tell him that the hat was very important to you.

Maybe… Maybe your mother gave it to you… you know? I don’t know… just make up a story!

When he’s looking for it, Take a Kinder Bueno, put it in your pocket, and exit the store.

Trust me, it’ll all make sense in Step Fifteen-

Stand outside, out of his sight, and then walk in again! Look apologetic.
Tell him that by accident you took this Kinder Bueno, but you walked all the way back just to return it.

(You know) Laugh about it…

That’s nice… right! Just like – get in the groove… you know?

And we’re done!

That’s it, now you can walk out of there like a decent, trustworthy guy.

There’s no way he’d think you’re a thief, or… weird…or or you have issues… and trust me- he’ll be very happy to see you there again.

Thank you for watching.

Daniel Koren Leaving A Store Beginner's Guide

Daniel Koren Leaving A Store Beginner’s Guide

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Written and Directed: Daniel Koren
Produced by: Sugar Zaza
Shot by: Or Paz & Nadav Pessach
Cashier: Avner Kelmer
Music: Bensound & Daniel Koren
Special thanks to פצוחיית חממה בבזל

Daniel Koren Leaving A Store Beginner’s Guide. When I walk in a store and I leave without buying anything. It feels awkward. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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