Dana Hamrick And This Is What Bullying Does To People


Dana Hamrick And This Is What Bullying Does To People

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[Dana Hamrick And This Is What Bullying Does To People]

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Hi guys, my name is Dana Hamrick, and I attend Harry S. Truman High School. And I got to tell you a thing about the school, about the principal rules the teachers and the students. They are fucking terrible – terrible. They make me feel so bad about myself. One day I was in the hall, crying and I wasn’t in lunch. And Ms. Green, one of the vice principals, saw me in the hallway, came up to me and was like, ‘what are you doing? Where are you supposed to be?’

And I said in the cafeteria. And she was like, ‘Oh, you can’t hide. Get out of my sight’. And I’m just like, are you serious? I am sitting here, bawling my eyes out and you tell me to get out of your sight. And I can’t hide. The only reason why I’m hiding is so I don’t get made fun of in the lunch room. Last time, I got made fun of I sat at a table alone. There was people in the lunch line, pointing at me and talking about me – saying I was special ed, and that they didn’t want to be friends with me, and it looks like I had something wrong with me. So I just sat at the table alone. I never went to lunch. Another time, I wasn’t in lunch. I was sitting in the hallway. Mr. Rudolph, he had always come to me, come up to me, Mr. Rudolph, is another one of the other principals. He would threaten to suspend me for three days because I wasn’t in the cafeteria getting bullied.

Do you know how bad I feel? It’s fucking terrible. Let’s try, let’s try, I go into my classes and people make fun of me when I go in the classes too, make fun of the way I look. I’m scared to cut my own hair. I’m scared to cut my own hair because you don’t any one calling me a lesbian or making fun of me, because I told someone I had to cut my hair because I needed a job. And I had allergic reaction. And I couldn’t dye it anymore. So I was going to cut my hair really short. So I didn’t have to color [it] anymore. So I could get a job. And this kid, he just laughed at me. He is just like ‘really’ and he was like ‘please don’t laugh at me’. I just started crying and he is just like ‘oh, don’t worry, we can fund raise’ I’m like, ‘are you fucking serious’ and then he and this girl started laughing harder.

The other day, I was doing group project and I was trying to help. And this kid, he is just like ‘oh, its all Dana’s fault’. And I’m just like ‘thanks, I’m trying to help. This is all I can fucking do’. And he’s like ‘oh, I’m sorry’. ‘Oh, don’t be sorry, it’s all my fault, remember’. ‘It’s all my fault, remember’. And again, the other day I was happy, because – you know – it was my four months and I was happy. I was happy, because four months with my boyfriend and I’m happy we’re together. And I was talking about in class. And my teacher she was like ‘you just stop talking. I’m going to sent you to in house’. But I never, I never talk in the class. This is like one of the first times, I talk in this class and I’m happy. And she threatens to get me in house, because I’m happy.

[Dana Hamrick:] Source: LYBIO.net
This school just sucks. I don’t want to go there no more, but I don’t have a choice. I want you all the watch this and care, and listen to words. Please understand how I feel and how your words affect people. Do you see how torn I am right now? I anxiety everyday at school to mess up, because I’m so scared. I’m going to mess up and someone was going to call me stupid. And I know, I’m not, but it still hurts. I’m done. I’m so done with this school.

Dana Hamrick And This Is What Bullying Does To People

Dana Hamrick And This Is What Bullying Does To People

For Help with Bullying Reach out here: (Don’t let the bully take your power away)
CANADA: To connect with a counsellor, you can call 1-800-668-6868 or post a question online at www.kidshelpphone.ca
USA: Ncpc.org/cyberbullying
UNITED KINGDOM: Cybermentors.org.uk

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