Croatian MP Ivan Pernar Delivers On Syria Libya


Croatian MP Ivan Pernar Delivers On Syria Libya Speech

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[Croatian MP Ivan Pernar Delivers On Syria Libya Speech]


This government’s foreign policy…Well, it’s not really a policy, it’s more of a pamphlet. It says: “Croatia will utilize its membership in the EU and NATO more actively.” Ladies and gentlemen, what have we gained from being in the EU thus far? There are less people employed now than when we were entering the EU. By entering the EU, not only did we not gain new markets, but we lost our own.

Success to you, probably, is the exodus of over 100,000 people from our land who probably found employment there, but it didn’t create jobs here. And the main idea was to create those jobs here. When talking about our benefits from NATO, we can see the gifts of the NATO pact. We recently saw the bombings in Yemen. We saw the dead there. And this is all done by the Washington gang. Croatia, as a member of NATO, has no say. America decides about everything and we’re mere servants there, who listen and do as they’re told.

Look at what the US has done in Iraq. Literally, a river of blood is flowing there because of US aggression. If we’re talking about US crimes in Libya, i.e. the NATO intervention in Libya, what are the results there? Islamists were brought to power, even the US Ambassador was killed, a sea of refugees is fleeing Libya and going to Europe. They weren’t coming before. Today, the Libyan people live much worse than they had ever lived before. NATO started this false humanitarian intervention to “protect civilians.” In fact, more civilians were killed in that intervention and its aftermath than were killed in the prior decades under Muammar al-Gaddafi.

When it comes to NATO intervening in Syria, we see that NATO’s the one arming those rebels which are Islamic extremists who chop off heads and kill hostages. Even US officials eventually admitted that they’re the ones who formed ISIL by financing and arming them. And the civilians suffering in Syria are being killed daily with Croatian weapons, because Croatia per US demand, “donated” weapons to the US government which, actually, ended up in Syria. Nobody was charged for that.

As for the policies on Afghanistan, what exactly has America changed there and why is our army even there? I’m not sure if you know, but in 1980, Congress, led by the Democrats , decided to bring the Taliban to power. They gave them money and weapons and Bin Laden was a friend of America then. They were installing the Taliban for 8 years, and then, under the excuse that the Taliban are terrorists, the US overthrew them a few years later.

And they’re killing people there for 15 years now. When it comes to the refugee crisis, were there refugees from Afghanistan or Syria before the US got involved and created a bloodbath? No, ladies and gentlemen. Just like there were none from Iraq or Libya. The US government, i.e. the NATO pact is the largest generator of the refugee crisis.

BOŽO PETROV: Source: L Y B I O . N E T
President of Parliament: Could I just ask you…

and is taking in the least numbers of refugees.

I’d just like to ask MP Pernar to stick to the topic at hand.




Croatian MP Ivan Pernar Delivers On Syria Libya

Croatian MP Ivan Pernar Delivers On Syria Libya

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