Croatian Bouncer Ivan Jurcevic Recounts NYE Riots In Cologne Germany


Croatian Bouncer Ivan Jurcevic Recounts NYE Riots In Cologne Germany

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[Croatian Bouncer Ivan Jurcevic Recounts NYE Riots In Cologne Germany]

[Ivan Jurcevic:] Source:
Well, it really seems I kicked something off now with the happenings here in Cologne (Germany). On New Years Eve 31th Dec. 2015, I worked for a 5-Star Hotel directly opposite the Dome (Cologne Cathedral). As I started to work that evening, I thought it will be a nice evening with some good financially situated people – tickets were at least 300€ that evening – the guests age started at roughly 40 years.

Suddenly around 9 -10PM it already started that on the area outside – which had nothing to do with the hotel itself – a stabbing occured. One person was in critical condition, we had ambulance and police on site… and then the whole thing escalated. These people that we welcomed just 3 months ago, with teddy bears and water bottles on the Munich main railway station, started shooting at the dome (cologne cathedral), started shooting at the police, which then had to come equipped with helmets onto the dome platform, to brake that potential for violence.

Well seasoned police officers then confessed to me, that they never saw something like this in their entire life. They called it quote ” A CIVIL WAR LIKE SITUATION”. And no press coverage about that whatsoever! Throughout the evening, again and again female persons came to me and asked if they could just stand next to me

So I could look after them – still didn’t quite know what that was all about – and said “We are chased by these and that guys”. Well these guys that chased them, then really tried to attack me, I beat em all up, I have to tell you honestly… because I never witnessed something like this, I always thought this stuff would be some ” right wing propaganda” but this was all REAL.

Later that evening more rampages happened, they bet the sh*t out of the head from a guy that was lying on the ground, they then jumped on his head riot police came on site, and we* also started to react. (*he’s a bouncer I assume*). They were then constrained for about 1.5 hours however no transport arrived to take them away, because there were none available, cause all of the transports were occupied already and all the cells in the surrounding police stations were overfilled already.

[Ivan Jurcevic:] Source:
So the police had to release the previously arrested and restrained offenders, which then in turn gathered in front of the police vehicles and yelled “F*ck the Police” and spit on the windshields of the police cars. The police could not do anything whatsoever against these people! I can just tell you folks, I never witnessed anything like this before and im sure it will escalate further – by carnival at the latest… in cologne…

It will really explode here! And I hope, well you do know that im no right wing person or something along those lines… I always stayed out of that stuff. I always thought all those videos that appeared lately were some sort of right-wing PEGIDA propaganda, bla bla bla

No folks, this was REAL! Young girls stood shivering right in front of me begging me “please please we just stand next to you, we fear those people over there, they are chasing us all the time!” They attacked the hotel guests, they spit at the hotel guests, they spit at the police, they jumped with their feet on peoples heads that were already lying down the ground!

The Police could do nothing at all, they waited for 1.5 hours for transportation, then none were available, at other locations it was really “burning” so they actually had to run over there, but they could not leave as they had to guard the offenders here to wait for prisoner transportation. Well I can only tell you that I wish for 2016 peace for the world and especially for Germany.

– Regards, your Ivan –

Croatian Bouncer Ivan Jurcevic Recounts NYE Riots In Cologne Germany

Croatian Bouncer Ivan Jurcevic Recounts NYE Riots In Cologne Germany

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