Cris Carter On Sabathia Everyday Will Be A Fight


Cris Carter On Sabathia Everyday Will Be A Fight

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[Cris Carter On Sabathia Everyday Will Be A Fight]

[Graduel Christopher Darin “Cris” Carter (born November 25, 1965)] Source:
I’m very, very happy for him, personally. Um… you have to fall a long way. And everyone’s fall is different, everyone’s bottom is different. His bottom might have been his performance and the way he acted publicly when he was in Toronto. Me, my bottom was getting cut. And – and just obviously he’s been meeting with some professional people, that he knows he has a disease. You know, for me I was young, 24 years old, I couldn’t – couldn’t believe that was a alcoholic, I knew I was drug addict, but then also an alcoholic like that was just really hard for me to understand. And you have support outside the team, you have some support from the team but really your teammates they don’t know what you are going through. So they really can’t help you.

And it was the most significant day of my life when I decided to stop drinking, I stopped drinking September 21st, 1990. I’m just now getting to the point where for more than half of my life I’ve been sober. And it’s a fight every day. 9,146 days, over 13 million minutes, 170,000 minutes. So it’s not going anywhere like I’m going to be an alcoholic until I die. Every day I got my guard up trying to make it till tomorrow to have another day. And it’s that difficult when you have the disease and people don’t understand. I can’t socially drink.

So you have to change your life style, you have to change your setting, you have to change your friends, you have to get rid of family members, man you have to fight for your life if you really want to be healthy. If you really want to be whole.

Like when I left Philadelphia, I left a lot of guys disappointed. But I think when they look back on my life, they’re proud of me because I had to go away to Minnesota to make those changes. Someone in Minnesota challenged me and I stepped up to it but every day it’s a fight man and it’s humiliating. Its humiliating to me, I lost my job over it. It’s humiliating to know that I have no control over it. And every day I’m trying to get to the end of the day.

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So I just don’t put myself in situations. When I watch ball games, I watch with people typically who know that I don’t drink, you know I’m watching with Tommy and Keith. So you know, those guys are always very, very respectful and they know that. I don’t hangout, don’t go to night clubs, I’m just as nervous today as I was when I quit. And I pay it the greatest amount of respect and every day that I get through this, so everyone who is going through it, oh man, it’s a real struggle man, it really – it really is. And I’m pulling forward and it’s even harder to do it in the public eye, because you can’t hide. I mean you have – you have – you have bad days at work, you have issues with your family and man it was days that you know it, you may like to just go sit down and have a drink and that’s just not something that I can do or ever will be able to do to for the rest of my life.

Cris Carter On Sabathia Everyday Will Be A Fight

Cris Carter On Sabathia Everyday Will Be A Fight

Cris Carter On Sabathia Everyday Will Be A Fight. Every day it’s a fight man. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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