Crackhead Warning PSA


Crackhead Warning PSA

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[Crackhead Warning PSA]


Oh Mother fu*ker.

I want to see your face. Hold on.
We got to get – we got to get a look at the face, first.
Cocaine is the hell of a drug.
You hear, before you start doing drugs take a look at this video.
Because cocaine is a mother fu*ker killer.
If you wanna smoke cocaine this is what you’re look like walking on the street. Hold on.
Face shot. Wooooo
Here we go right there. God damn look at the legs.
Woooo weeeeee Don’t do drugs, you heard?
Otherwise you will be like this sick b****, right here.
See this. This is what goes on in New Jersey.
This is the type of shit we are talking about right here.
… And it’s over baby.

Crackhead Warning PSA

Crackhead Warning PSA

Crackhead Warning PSA. Before you start doing drugs take a look at this video. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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