Cowboy Says Pull Your Damn Pants Up


Cowboy Says Pull Your Damn Pants Up

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[Cowboy Says Pull Your Damn Pants Up]

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I wish y’all could see what I’m looking at right now.

Here’s a couple of handsome young men, by all appearances, they seem to be strong young boys, but they’re struggling to walk up the street. You know why? Because they’re pants are around their knees… they’re waddling! It looks like they’re trying out to play The Penguin in a new Batman movie.

Don’t you even comment on here and say it’s about fashion or some kind of trend, it looks like they fell asleep while they were putting the pants on. When they woke up they forget to finish the process.

Hey, have you ever seen a woman put a diaper on a baby and just wrap it around the baby’s knees and leave it there and say okay, I’m done? Of course not, because that diaper would lose its purpose and its functionality. You know the function and purpose of your pants, it’s for decency, cover yourself up. Pull it up till your waist because nobody wants to see your crack and for the love of all that is holy. Nobody cares what brand of underwear you’re wearing, Justin Bieber.

My goodness can somebody tell me what you’re holding on to in the front? That’s talent! Multi-talented! With one hand he’s holding onto his belt, keeping his pants from falling down, and hanging onto his junk like a 6-year-old little boy that just found his business for the first time and now he’s fascinated with it. Here’s a secret fellas… it’s attached! It’s not going to run away, you could let go with it.

I’ll tell what you can’t do with your pants like that functionally, you cannot be a gentleman.

Let’s say a little bit further up the street you run into a woman who’s carrying a big, heavy box and struggling with it. You can’t walk up to her and say, ‘Ma’am, may I help you with that?’ Because then you’ve got to let go of your pants, and God only knows what’s gonna happen then. You’re going to expose yourself, you’re going to lose your pants the whole thing is going to – it’s going to be bad, it’s going to be bad, you can’t be a gentleman.

[Cowboy:] Source:
Oh my goodness pull your pants up. Learn the GPS of where your waist is. Buy an anatomy book put into there, that boy over there he’s got a belt it’s around his knees.

While you older fellas is going to start making fun of him, let me say something, yeah, you all got your pants up here, you all like you trying to smell your belt.

You need the anatomy book to pull them down. And you girls stop wearing those high waisted shorts, that’s not a good thing. That’s not a good thing. Not as bad keeping your pants down right down around your knees that’s not a good thing.

While we’re on the subject of shorts, don’t wear a speedo to beach either. I don’t know where that comes from but don’t do that. It looks like you’re trying to smuggle in Mr. Potato.

Hmm anyway that’s enough about that.

[Cowboy:] Source:
They are gone now. They waddled on up down up to road, pull your pants up.

Love you all god bless, stay dry Texas praying for you.

You all be good.

I don’t want anybody to to ever change, I’d lose all my entertainment, it’s the best stuff in the world. Love you all, pull your pants up.

Cowboy Says Pull Your Damn Pants Up

Cowboy Says Pull Your Damn Pants Up

Cowboy Says Pull Your Damn Pants Up. I’ll tell what you can’t do with your pants like that functionally, you cannot be a gentleman. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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