CopperCab Regarding Paul Joseph Watson


CopperCab Regarding Paul Joseph Watson

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[CopperCab Regarding Paul Joseph Watson]

Hello, Paul. Didn’t think I’d make this video, did you buddy. Well, you were wrong.

I saw what you’re saying on YouTube about the migrant crisis in Europe. Just because you have a map, doesn’t make you smarter. I have a map, look okay. American, Canada, the Greatest country on the planet, thanks to Trudeau because he is a feminist and he’s proud of it and he is not afraid to admit it; like some people, who I won’t name. I’m feminist and I am proud of it.

You know; everyone is talking about grow some testicle, grow some balls. I say grow some ovaries, asshole.

You say that you’re against – you know – rape and things like that.

You’re an idiot is what you are! If you are against rape, you’d be before feminism because feminism stops rape, more women, less rape.

Women give birth to people, men give birth to rape. You’re a dumb-ass, Paul.

Just because you have a map, it doesn’t make you smart, okay.

Just because you have got followers, it doesn’t make you smart.

I got followers, do I know everything, no. I don’t!

I don’t claim to know everything, but I do know; I know more than you – [spits] – ass hole.

We don’t need borders, okay.

We need to allow more migrants into every country.

I don’t believe borders in general, all right.

I am what you call an equalist. I am feminist and an equalist. I am an equalist in the sense that everyone should be treated equal.

We don’t need a waste gap, which we have right now.

No thanks to the patriarchal society that we live in and thanks to men like you and Gavin McInnes, who had the audacity to moon me on his show today, showed his bare ass to me.

You know check that all if you get a chance that’s a symbol for your men mooning people and I feel like a bunch of dumb ass animals. That’s what men do, all right.

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Hello, Paul. Didn’t think I’d make this video, did you buddy. Well, you were wrong.

Just because I’m not your – you know – old fashioned women, it doesn’t mean I can’t be a symbol for women everywhere as well, all right.

I’m a male and I am proud feminist. I’m a male feminist and I am proud of it.

People call me a white knight, I don’t care what you call me, I am right, and you’re wrong.

You are nothing, but Alex Jones’ bitch. He is your boss. And you’ve been drinking very too much of his Kool-Aid. Have you gone to his channel lately; all he talks about is football. Go to ESPN. Don’t try to tell the world how it should work. All he gives a shit is about his stupid little conspiracies and thinking the world is run by aliens and shit – he is a dumb-ass. He is psychotic. I mean, literally he’s your boss, Paul. Are you that stupid? Look at him and then look at yourself. Look at him and look at yourself. Look at him and then look at yourself!

You take orders from a dumb-ass. What does that make you, Paul? Huh, tell me!

So don’t ever – don’t – I don’t – I never want to hear the word America come out of your mouth again. You shouldn’t be talking about my country. One of the greatest countries on the planet, you know, we just need someone like Trudeau.

We need Trudeau running for President. You know not Cruz, if any Canadian is get a run from the [podist] it should be the man himself, the feminist who is proud of it, Trudeau.

If Trumps in office, I might move to Canada. I’m just saying.

So, Paul, I’m waiting for your rebuttal – though you won’t have one because you’re a dumb-ass. Paul, a dumb-ass. That’s all you are.

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So go drink some more Kool-Aid and sip from that crazy pool that you got going.

I know what a crazy person looks like when I see one, okay. There’s a bunch of them subscribed to my channel. Don’t disagree with me.

I’m done. All right, I mean I’m have not seen a billion crazy people, but I have met many – but I am done. Good bye.

Good bye.

CopperCab Regarding Paul Joseph Watson

CopperCab Regarding Paul Joseph Watson

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