CopperCab – DEAR APPLE


CopperCab – DEAR APPLE

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[CopperCab – DEAR APPLE]

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This is fucking bullshit.

Don’t bitch.

You would bitch too if you didn’t have an emoji!

I don’t even know what an emoji is.

It’s a smiley! God!

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Listen guys I’ve got a bone to pick with you Apple. Tell me why everyone has an Emoji, but me.

Tell me why when I go try to send my girlfriend a message, I can’t, because there is a brunette Emoji, there is black haired Emoji, there is an Asian Emoji, but there is no red haired Emoji.

Piss off Apple. Oh!

I’ve got to settle down.

I just came across a petition that brought something to my attention and I am not trying to rap but that rhymed and by the way, everyone who is hating on my raps piss off.

They’re apparently in a new iPhone out there, by the way, I love the iPhone, I like you Apple, you’re cool. I don’t really have a problem with you, but the phone is awesome, but I don’t like your morals, because you’re not having all races – if you’re going to add all ethnicities – you got to add all ethnicities!

Brrrrrrrrr brrrrrrrrr…..

That is all I feel right now, pretty pissed. I’m not going to lie, I’m angry.

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But Apple, apparently you’re not having any redheads, all right. I am going to keep this short, short and simple, buddies. After everything I have done for the red haired race – THE GINGER RACE, you would think by now they would have the sense by now to add redheads.

Well, guess what? They don’t.

So there is an online petition in the description – that rhymed too.

You can go and sign, right now and let’s get the gingers in the apple emojis. All right, because I’m want a smile too.

I want a smiley, I want a smiley y’all. Ahhhhhhh….

I’m not even angry, I am just – I’m not angry, I’m just upset, I’m frustrated, all right.

Anyway onto a more positive subject, I want you guys to check out from friend’s channel, he’s making videos on Lord – League of Legends, not Lord of the Rings. League of Legends – AHHHHHHHHHHHH I can’t even talk right now.

[CopperCab:] Source:
Thanks a lot – Steve Jobs, Tim Cook whatever – whoever.

You’ve got me kicking in my freaky door, so I can’t open it. Son of a bitch.

Anyway, my friend is making videos, he is really cool, he is a nice guy, he is funny. Go check him out, all right.

[CopperCab:] Source:
Sign that petition – I want an Emoji, ginger and proud of it.

CopperCab - DEAR APPLE

CopperCab – DEAR APPLE

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