Cool Cops Interrupt Wheelie Practice


Cool Cops Interrupt Wheelie Practice

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[Cool Cops Interrupt Wheelie Practice]

[Cop:] Source:
How you doing?

[Wheelie:] I’m just messing around little bit.

[Cop:] Yeah, we could hear you.

[Wheelie:] Where were ya?

[Cop:] We were on the other side of this entire place, we were on a alarm call.

[Wheelie:] Oh!

[Cop:] So do you have any, do you have an ID or anything on you?

[Wheelie:] I do yeah.

[Cop:] Okay, the only reason why asked is just because since you’re ripping on the road – this is technically a roadway.

[Wheelie:] I wasn’t sure, like I’m not, I don’t do this on the roads.

[Cop:] Right, right, yeah this is still technically a roadway, so…

[Wheelie:] Okay

[Cop:] So if you don’t have a plate, then you have to – you know what I mean…

[Wheelie:] It’s got a plate, yeah.

[Cop:] Does it?

[Wheelie:] Yeah.

[Cop:] Okay what’s the – circle back – I like the sticker man, that’s nice.

[Wheelie:] Should I – you want to see the plate, should I just –

[Cop:] Source:
Yeah can I see the plate real quick – [Redacted], nice man, how much did that go for?

[Wheelie:] Uh… this is like, I got for like 36, I am probably into it for like 42 now.

[Cop:] Okay, do you have a motorcycle license?

[Wheelie:] Yeah I do.

[Cop:] Motorcycle plate.

[Wheelie:] Yeah.

[Cop:] Is it under 100 CC or no?

[Wheelie:] It’s a 450…

[Cop:] 450 – Let me just run your license real quick and just make sure, obviously you can ride that on the road without a, but just make sure that you don’t – just because it is on roadway…

[Wheelie:] Yeah.

[Cop:] People may call on you, so it’s better that at least I have all your info that way I can just elevate that.

[Wheelie:] Okay.

[Cop:] You know what I mean. Yeah, you are all good man, just make sure that you stay safe. How about that?

[Wheelie:] Alright, that is why I got all this stuff on too so…

[Cop:] Absolutely – alright you are all good.

[Wheelie:] Alright thank you.

[Cop:] Bye man, stay safe. Okay.

[Wheelie:] Alright

[Cop:] Don’t fall off.

[Wheelie:] Alright you guys have a good one.

[Cop:] Source:
Alright thank you, you too.

Cool Cops Interrupt Wheelie Practice

Cool Cops Interrupt Wheelie Practice

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