ConcernedStudent1950 Vs The Media


ConcernedStudent1950 Vs The Media

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[ConcernedStudent1950 Vs The Media]

Because you can not push them to move forward.

[Tim Tai (Journalist):] Source:
So I’m not here to push them.

You need to backup if you are with the media. You need to backup.

You got to backup behind those signs at those signs says.

You need to backup, respect the students. BACK UP! This is their time. Back up.

I’m a student.

I do my job.

I will ask you to respect their space. Move back

These students are walking forward. This is [indiscernible] by walkings.

They’re pushing me, they’re pushing me. Don’t push me.


All right, don’t push me.

Okay, well, then we will just block you.

You need to back now. You need to go.


Students can you tell him how much you want him to go.

You don’t have a right to take our photos.

Yes, yes, yes.


Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go.

Shame, shame.

I do have the right to take photos.

I can’t hear you! Go HOME!

Excuse me. If like to take photos. Please you do need to give them space. Do not, you cannot be this close to them. Please stand back.

They are being close to me. They are pushing me back.

What I’m telling is

You need to move back.


Yes, you do.

No, I don’t [crosstalk inaudible]

[chanting] Hey Hey Go Home!

You think it is funny. You need to move.

I have a job to do. I’m documenting this for a national newspaper.

[Crosstalk inaudible]

I’m asking you please move back.

Yes I can. This is a first amendment that protects your right to stay here, protects mine.

That’s fine.

[Crosstalk inaudible] not going to yell at her.

So just calm down.

Okay. Ma’am the first amendment, ma’am, don’t yell at me.

So what are you

Ma’am, the first amendment protects your right to be here and mine.

Okay, we will protect. We will protect our space as human beings, okay.

[Crosstalk inaudible]

There’s not a law around that.

Forget a law. How about humanity or respect.

Well, how about documenting this for prosperity.


Please sir. No. Sir, I’m sorry. These are people too, you need to back off.


No, there is no law against me standing here.

You know what, backup about personal space, back off, we need space back off.

You got to move.

Back off, go!

[chanting] Hey Hey Go Home! …

Don’t push me!

We don’t want you to tell our story. Not when you’re acting like that.

[Crosstalk inaudible]

[chanting] Hey Hey Go Home! …

Oh, you know what, [crosstalk inaudible] she is going to talk to you or not.

You need to back off.

She doesn’t even want to see you.

You better back off. Why, I know that.

Don’t push me.

I don’t want her to talk to me.


You need to back off. I know that. You need to back off.

You need to back off. I know that. I know you better back off. Source:

Don’t touch us.


Excuse me, I need to get through.

No, I need to get through.

Are you not going to let me through?

She is in is the way, I’m not in the way.

But you have…

Don’t push me Ma’am.

Don’t push me…

Can you please…

Tell me what’s your name.

Can you please leave?

You are the office of Greek Life?

My name is 1950.

Ma’am you are the office of Greek Life?

Concerned Student Of 1950 Vs The Media

Concerned Student Of 1950 Vs The Media

No, my name is Concerned Student of 1950.


You got to step back, bro.


I want to document it.

You gotta go… bro.

They could call the police on…

No, they actually can’t because the law protects both of us being here.

Yes, because we’re not doing anything wrong. Source:

[indiscernible] on public spaces…

Sir, are we safe at your –excuse me sir. Sir!

[indiscernible] Did you just touch her. Did you just touch her . You touched her

No, she touched me.

No, you are the one that jumped.

[indiscernible] what is so hard about respecting our lives

Because I have job to do.


They have a right to live, they have education to get and a life to live. Please leave.

Ma’am, I’m a student too.

But sir, these are more students who are asking you.

[indiscernible] You need to calm down.

Okay, but that’s my job and –

And this is our friend, our friends life was on the line. We’re asking you to respect that.

And I’m trying to document that for history.

Everybody else has documented it sir, you got [indiscernible] you got it. You’ve documented it. Please.

Every body has done it, they being respectful about it you are not.

They are being respectful about it. You are not. It’s that simple.

They just want to be together.

Okay, but they are together.


I’m not going in there right now. Source:

No, you are not.

You are be – you are [ ] and what they need right now, which is to be alone.

All right.

Back off, you lost this one bro, you just lost this one bro! Back up! You lost this one bro, back up.

Hey, what the sign say? Just put the sign in his face.

You just lost this one bro, just back up. Just back up, you lost this fight. You lost this battle just back up.

Hey, look, we got a perimeter. Get to the middle, they got a terrible shot to shoot. Get away from them. You got the wall. Get away from him.

Please [indiscernible] Facebook, you are an unethical reporter, you do not respect our space.

You stay out, media stays out. Get them away.That’s what we’re here for. [indiscernible]

We got to make this one on big, what, I understand. It actually for disrespectful people, like him.


He said San Diego.

San Diego.


Okay, just push them over there.

What’s your name?

We’re just going to push.

[indiscernible] Source:

You are pushing.

Don’t push me.

We’re not pushing you.

[indiscernible] Come on, man.

I’m walking forward. I’m walking forward.

You are pushing me.

You are pushing me.

They’ll change the story, they’ll change the story on you.

Behind me a push, I don’t have a choice.

You are not doing your job. You are not doing your job.

It’s our right to walk forward.

Yeah, yeah.

I believe, it’s my right to walk.


I am media, can I talk to you.


No, you need to get out. You need to get out.

No, I don’t.

You need to get out.

I actually don’t.

All right.

[University Of Missouri, Mass Media Professor, Melissa Click:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here here. I need some muscle over here.

ConcernedStudent1950 Vs The Media

ConcernedStudent1950 Vs The Media

ConcernedStudent1950 Vs The Media. Ma’am, the first amendment protects your right to be here and mine. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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