Comcast What Can You Do With A Terabyte


Comcast What Can You Do With A Terabyte

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[Comcast What Can You Do With A Terabyte]



A byte is a piece of information. Bytes makeup all that we know in the digital world. This photo of an ambitious Chipmunk for instance is 600 kilobytes.

600 kilobytes

It seems like it should be worth more, so how much is a terabyte?



Well it’s massive, it’s one trillion bytes, yes a trillion. A number so high it might as well be made up but what does a terabyte mean to you.


Well, let’s take animated GIFs or JIFs if you’re a monster.

A terabyte could contain over 1,001,001 GIFs. That’s a whole lot of cats.

Only 720 Hours in a month 24 hours

A terabyte means streaming more than 600 hours of video a month, that’s like watching Jurassic World 302 times and look, we all like dinosaurs but that’s excessive.

Almost as excessive as uploading 60,000 high-resolution photos to the internet which is another thing you could do with a terabyte that means posting more than one photo every minute of every hour, of everyday.

“What a great photo!”

60,000 photos that your grandma will almost certainly comment on with a personal message.

1.8 Billion Tweets

How does this tweeting thing work?

A terabyte is 1.8 billion tweets, if you tweeted once per second non-stop that it takeover 57 years, so type fast.

A terabyte also adds up to 16 friends gaming for a whole month each. Now that excludes pee breaks which, come on, you should take often otherwise yeesh.

Hipsters Haven
Classic Cold Brew
Da’Bass Drop

It’s also about 15,000 hours of music, which is like 20 people listening to music for a month. So all those expertly curated playlists that you made to fit every mood, well, go ahead and blast those things 24/7.

So that’s what you can do with a terabyte. So go ahead and stream, game, snap, listen and post to your hearts content.

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Comcast What Can You Do With A Terabyte

Comcast What Can You Do With A Terabyte

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