Coen Naninck – How To Stop The Bullying And Body Shaming Of Women


Coen Naninck – How To Stop The Bullying And Body Shaming Of Women

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[Coen Naninck – How To Stop The Bullying And Body Shaming Of Women]

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Another interesting question by Sharon, yes, the previous video was from Sharon and this video is as well. It’s a video question about how do we change the thinking of women being bullied our daughters being bullied, being body-shamed to sort of keep them under control. It’s – it’s something that, you know, that is happening in society, I’ve certainly seen as it, as a – it’s a method, so body shaming and, you know, bullying is a method to keep women suppressed basically of their womanly pride.

And it could be various, various things here that that women versus male, but also, I don’t know, that there is the part which is as a feminist – the feminist, they do – they are active against that or they – their activism is about that the equal role of women in society and bullying and body shaming is used as a tool to suppress women. So they feel bad about their bodies, they feel bad about being a woman. And it’s yah, it’s a tool to suppress. And this can be – this tool, it’s a tool of evil by the way, a tool that is also used in other ways that just you know – the men versus women debate.

It’s also used domestically to have the – as the man – as the bread and butter, they’re bread winner or the bread and butter man. And the woman as – I’m being slightly funny here, but it’s not a funny topic. I mean, I believe in equality for men and women, but I mean if it was up to me, I’d even say women have slightly a notch higher or they would slightly be a higher because women are the creators of man, yes. Think about it, think about it.

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How do we stop this? How do we prevent this? That is the question by Sharon. And now I read the question and I got or I got up, I got it. Yeah, I got a great answer for this. The answer is, kids.

The Chinese have the perfect medicine as opposed to western medicine. This is related. Bare with me here. You see the Chinese, they look at the – well the Asians, but the Chinese are known for this, they look at the cause of the problem, they look at the root of the problem, and they identify the problem and then they cure the problem.

But what western medicine does is we try to fix, not the cause of the problem, but the problem itself. We’re looking at the – should phrase this differently, we’re looking at the symptoms in western medicine. We’re looking at the symptoms and we treat the symptoms, but we don’t treat the cause. How I say, how do we fix this problem of womanly oppression? Is we teach our kids because kids before they get to that age where they start bullying, we got to teach them before they even bully themselves or be a victim of bullying, being a victim of bullying or yeah instigated this act themselves. Before that stage in their lives, we got to teach them that bulling is bad. This is the way to prevent this from happening.

I am getting a battery notification. I got to hurry up.

The way to tackle this is to teach these children, I have actually got – I’ve dedicated an article, I published an article on my website about this. If you want to stop bullying, if you want to stop oppression of women or any other kind of oppression for that manner, is you teach your children, you teach them that it’s wrong to discriminate, it’s wrong to bully, it’s wrong to body-shame and you let them role play, you let them play the role of the bully and the bullied person, and then you flip the roles, now the bully becomes the bullied person and the bullied person becomes the bully and you give them insights. And they may feel like, it’s not the fun to be bullied, that’s – you know some bright kids might even say, it’s not even fun to bully because that’s usually the part that that kids will experience the least bad feelings because they’re in control.

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So the way to tackle this problem is by going to the root, to the cause, to follow the Chinese principle.

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