Classic Gramma & Ginga


Classic Gramma & Ginga

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[Classic Gramma & Ginga]

[Ginga:] Source:
Sit down. SIT DOWN!

[Gramma:] I am as soon as I get a pair of glasses; I can see out of them.

[Ginga:] What do you have to see?

[Gramma:] I can’t see.

[Ginga:] Thank you for your delicious candy.

You’re welcome.

[Ginga:] Would you like to have a piece, sis?

[Gramma:] What?

[Ginga:] Would you – would you like to have a piece of candy?

[Gramma:] I don’t wanna piece of candy.

[Ginga:] Alright.

[Gramma:] I just don’t want any, Arlene, I just brushed my teeth.

[Ginga:] That’s too bad, you can just brush them again.

[Gramma:] Ho ho ho ho ho.

[Ginga:] And I wish you’d quit looking at all those old pictures. Wouldn’t they make you sad? Would you like to be that young and pretty? Do you hear me?

[Gramma:] What?! I don’t have my hearing aid on! What in the hell do you want?!!

[Ginga:] I said quit looking at all those pictures.

[Gramma:] I haven’t seen them before [indiscernible].

[Ginga:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Yeah, but gee don’t they make you sad? Maybe they make you want to be young like that again, you dummy. Heh. She’s so dumb. Looking at those dumb pictures. You know I don’t like to look at old pictures. They make me sad, Brandon, you know that? That’s stupid. And she can’t see good, anyway!

Classic Gramma & Ginga

Classic Gramma & Ginga

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