Clash Royale Theme Song


Clash Royale Theme Song

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[Clash Royale Theme Song]

These are the rules of a duel, all duels must have appropriately epic music.
Pick a fight with anyone!

It’s got lightning and skeletons!
Duel players in real time!
Destroy towers in real time!
Play your troops take a stand,
and you’ve got the upper hand,
destroy the King and win the crown in

That was the rule of the duel and a most ridiculous duel.


Clash Royale Theme Song

Clash Royale Theme Song

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September 27, 2016

Kris @ 1:09 am #

So this got right the last couple lyrics that were throwing me but pretty sure two things wrong:

Pick a fight with anyone…
Play your troops…

Thank you, Kris, for your contribution to reading online. We have added your contribution to accurate reading online. LYBIO.NET

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