Clarke And Dawe Quantitative Easing


Clarke And Dawe Quantitative Easing

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[Clarke And Dawe Quantitative Easing]

[Bryan Dawe:] Source:
Thank you very much for your time tonight.

[John Clarke:] It’s my great pleasure to be with you. Good evening.

[Bryan Dawe:] Now, you’re an economist working in the banking sector, yeah?

[John Clarke:] I am. Should I get a lawyer? I think I’m entitled to legal representation if we’re going to discuss my work.

[Bryan Dawe:] No, no, no; no, no. This is just a few simple questions, don’t worry.

[John Clarke:] Simple questions?

[Bryan Dawe:] Yeah.

[John Clarke:] How simple?

[Bryan Dawe:] Well they are theoretical.

[John Clarke:] Theoretical. I can deal.

[Bryan Dawe:] Yeah.

[John Clarke:] Okay, we can deal with that. I mean, don’t hold me to the answers, but …

[Bryan Dawe:] Why not?

[John Clarke:] Well, because I’m an economist and I can think of a different set of circumstances under which my responses might vary somewhat.

[Bryan Dawe:] And everything’s connected to everything else, isn’t it?

[John Clarke:] In economics, I’m afraid that is the global fear right at the moment, yes.

[Bryan Dawe:] Now, right, there’s a lot of uncertainty in world economics, isn’t there?

[John Clarke:] There is a great deal of uncertainty and a lack of confidence.

[Bryan Dawe:] Yeah, and there’s a lot of talk of quantitative easing.

[John Clarke:] Quantitative easing, yes.

[Bryan Dawe:] That’s a term we hear all the time.

[John Clarke:] That’s a term you hear a lot at the moment, yes.

[Bryan Dawe:] Source:
Yeah, what exactly is quantitative easing?

[John Clarke:] Well. I can answer this because actually we’re advising a couple of governments about this right at the moment.

[Bryan Dawe:] And what are you saying to them?

[John Clarke:] Well, perhaps I should just take you through what we’re telling them to do.

[Bryan Dawe:] Yeah, sure. Great.

[John Clarke:] I mean, I won’t go into a lot of detail and but be discrete…

[Bryan Dawe:] No, that’s good.

[John Clarke:] … but this’ll give you an idea of how quantitative easing works.

[Bryan Dawe:] Off you go, yep.

[John Clarke:] Take printer out of box and place on table with the out tray facing the window.

[Bryan Dawe:] The out tray facing the window.

[John Clarke:] That’s right. Load paper into the paper receptacle and place currency on glass tray F.

[Bryan Dawe:] Right.

[John Clarke:] Check alignment by printing out a test page.

[Bryan Dawe:] Right.

[John Clarke:] Go into copy settings and select double-sided and the number of copies you require.

[Bryan Dawe:] How many would you suggest?

[John Clarke:] In the case of one of our clients, it’s $80 billion. $120 billion in the case of another client and one client wants a trillion of these things.

[Bryan Dawe:] Can you get printers to do that?

[John Clarke:] No, you can’t; you’re going to need a bank of them. I mean, it’s a multi-printer job.

[Bryan Dawe:] You’d need some big ones, wouldn’t you?

[John Clarke:] Yeah, big industrial strength – yeah, yeah, big like a Bofors gun, all facing the window.

[Bryan Dawe:] Yeah, yeah.

[John Clarke:] Yeah. Once you’ve ascertained that you have the alignment correct…

[Bryan Dawe:] Yeah.

[John Clarke:] … you alert the banking sector, open the window and press copy.

[Bryan Dawe:] And stand well back.

[John Clarke:] Yes, you got to stand well back because they can create a bit of a vacuum while reaching cruising height.

[Bryan Dawe:] Whereabouts?

[John Clarke:] In the super fund industry very often.

[Bryan Dawe:] And you’d have to consider the wind direction too, wouldn’t you?

[John Clarke:] Oh, yeah, you don’t want to be doing this upwind.

[Bryan Dawe:] No, because you’d get covered in pretend money, couldn’t you?

[John Clarke:] Covered in what?

[Bryan Dawe:] Pretend money.

[John Clarke:] No, this is not pretend money; this is real currency we’re creating here.

[Bryan Dawe:] But aren’t you just printing it off? I mean, these are photocopies, aren’t they?

[John Clarke:] Excuse me. (Talking into mobile phone) Dave, this is not going to work. Because I’ve just explained it to a bloke and he saw through it straight away. (To Bryan Dawe) Are you in banking?

[Bryan Dawe:] No.

[John Clarke:] (Talking into mobile phone) No, he’s not even in the banking racket. Okay, I’ll try that.

[Bryan Dawe:] Try what?

[John Clarke:] Have you ever heard of Rumpelstiltskin?

[Bryan Dawe:] No.

[John Clarke:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Good, now we’re getting somewhere. Pull up a chair, I’ll tell you a tale.

Clarke And Dawe Quantitative Easing

Clarke And Dawe Quantitative Easing

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