Claire Wineland Teen Explains What Life Is Like In A Coma


Claire Wineland Teen Explains What Life Is Like In A Coma

Claire Wineland Teen Explains What Life Is Like In A Coma

Claire Wineland Teen Explains What Life Is Like In A Coma

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[Claire Wineland Teen Explains What Life Is Like In A Coma]

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So I was in a coma, great conversation starter, I know.

It’s a complicated story. I had a surgery and it went bad and I got an infection and it attacked my lungs and so then induced coma. So it was something called a medically induced coma, so I didn’t just pass out, they actually gave me drugs, and continuously gave me drugs for good two weeks or so, so that I could be in this sleep state and they could try and heal me and get me to live. So many dreams, so many stories, so here you go; this is what it’s like being in a coma.

First thing is first. Everything that happens in the real world you hear, you’re aware of, you kind of know what’s going on, but it goes through this weird like filter thing in your brain. And by filter, I mean it’s going through the drugs. And then it turns into something else once it like actually hits your consciousness. So example, a lot of people who come to visit and sit by my bed and talk to me, I heard my step mom and my own nanny talking and all that.

And I heard what they were saying, but then in my head, we were in like a girls camp like one of those like a log cabin camps and we were gossiping about one of the other girls, really they’re just talking about the one of the nurses and something she had said, but like in my head they were like gossiping. And I was like in on it too, I was talking back to them, but I wasn’t actually talking.

The best part though and the thing that kind of inspired a whole trip after I got out of the coma was all of my Alaska hallucinations, I’ve never been to Alaska, I’ve never like shown any interest in Alaska, but for some reason while I was asleep, I kept going to Alaska in my head and it was so beautiful. It was like pine trees and coves. And I remember just like sitting there and just like, staring at the most beautiful scenery ever for hours and hours and there would be like a little deer off in the corner and it would be freezing cold, but I didn’t care, turns out, I was getting ice-packed the whole time, I had a crazy high fever with a crazy high infection.

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And what they do for that is they put ice packs all around me like they just literally like the most advanced thing they can come up with. So being iced, I guess somewhere in my brain I thought like, ice Alaska totally make sense.

One of the funny things too is the way that people’s voices, like if I liked the person who was talking and I felt safe there, it would affect what was going on in my head. And I didn’t notice this at the time, but like once I came out, I kind of like studied the whole experience, but every time it was my mom and my dad or people that I love, it was some place beautiful and it was comforting.

And when it was people that I just kind of barely knew, it was always strange and I had no idea where I was and I felt kind of lost and actually gets me thinking a lot about how that happens on a regular basis even when we’re not on crazy drugs like how do the people that we’re around and the experience that we’re in influence our brain and our minds and how we see the world. Like pretty much being in a coma is just like a very magnified and intense version of our own dreams.

And so what can we learn from them and what can we learn about ourselves and I – I learned so much from that experience.

I mean, first of all that I love Alaska apparently, but second of all, I really love — like it showed me who I care about and who makes me happy and how the world could be manipulated so easily and how our own minds can be manipulated and we can really believe so much. I don’t know talking about it kind of makes me happy in a weird way, you wouldn’t think that, but that…

So if you have any more questions, please feel free to comment and I will make fun and interesting videos on like all of my videos all right, right. [laughs]

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Claire Wineland

Claire Wineland

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