Cisco WebEx Viewpoints Hosting Webinars


Cisco WebEx Viewpoints Hosting Webinars

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[Cisco WebEx Viewpoints Hosting Webinars]

Connect with global audiences. Reach the masses. Spread the word.

Cisco WebEx technology can make it happen.

Randy Marc Lasnick
Director of Marketing
LUMEDX Corporation

[Randy Marc Lasnick:]
Like any marketing person which you need to look at it is first and foremost is, how can we compete, how can we successfully beat our competitors? We came up with a conclusion that WebEx provides a platform, provides a format that allows us to get our story out in a very cost effective way to our target audience.

Generate new leads faster, and at lower cost.

Laura Hartman
Marketing Manager for Graduate Student Recruitment
USC Viterbi School of Engineering

[Laura Hartman:]
One nice advantage about WebEx for me as a marketer is the lead generation tool that it just automatically provides.

Dominic Lau
Director of IT and Operations
USC Viterbi School of Engineering

[Dominic Lau:]
Our marketing team really utilizes that quite a bit for orientation sessions, recruitment sessions, anytime we’re trying to reach out a very big mass audience.

Extend your reach with new ways to attract customers.

[Randy Marc Lasnick:]
With WebEx production webinars that we do, we are able to reach more people, we are able to reach more decision makers than we could possibly do before.

Kyle Kraus
Managing Director
The Food Group Digital
Via Flip Video

[Kyle Kraus:]
We’re able to actually create a new revenue stream for the food group, by creating very targeted webinars that we host on behalf of our clients.

Maximize your marketing budget.

Chris Cammack
Product Marketing Manager
Grote Industries

[Chris Cammack:]
We’re taking the money, we’re saving from WebEx and channeling into other marketing activities to really utilize our services to the best.

[Randy Marc Lasnick:]
My satisfaction with WebEx is very, very high. They act as a partner in my marketing efforts and they show interest. That’s exactly what you want in a vendor of excellence.

Extended reach
More qualified leads
Reduced marketing costs

Learn how Cisco WebEx technology can help your organization create more impactful events and marketing programs.



Cisco WebEx Viewpoints Hosting Webinars

Cisco WebEx Viewpoints Hosting Webinars

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