Cisco Boost Security In Cloud Apps


Cisco Boost Security In Cloud Apps

Cisco Boost Security In Cloud Apps

Cisco Boost Security In Cloud Apps

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[Cisco Boost Security In Cloud Apps]

Story Tweedie-Yates
Product Marketing Manager
Cisco Web Security

Hi, this is Story with Cisco Security. And today, I’m going to introduce a new offering…

Cisco Cloud Access Security

…called Cisco Cloud Access Security. This solution can protect your organization from the risks created by the explosion of cloud applications in the workplace. Cisco strategy is to deliver cloud app security capabilities to our customers through partnerships with industry leaders. In this case with Elastica, through Elastica’s CloudSOC platform. Cisco Cloud Access Security is available as a standalone offering and as an integrated offering with Cisco Web Security Solutions.

Cloud Access Security responses to four main concerns that you have in your organization regarding cloud applications. First, SaaS Visibility, which means, what cloud applications are being used in your organization. It also asked the question, how secure are those applications?

Next we move to SaaS Content Visibility, and this means what its sounds like. What content is being shared through your cloud applications? And where?

Next, cloud data loss protection. Here we can set policies to control user behavior within the cloud applications. Policies can be set based on users, user activities, device, or even geography. Cloud TLP also allows us to control sharing and uploading.

Now lastly, we move to protection against malicious activity. Cloud Access Security gives us the ability detect anomalies. And in the event of an actual incident, Cloud Access Security provides you with detailed information on historical events. This can help you understand exactly what happened and remediate as needed. Thank you for joining.


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