Chrysler 1984 Lee Iacocca


Chrysler 1984 Lee Iacocca Commercial

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[Chrysler 1984 Lee Iacocca Commercial]

[Lido Anthony “Lee” Iacocca:] Source:

Lee A. Iacocca
Chairman, The New Chrysler Corporation

A lot of people think America can’t cut the mustard anymore, that quality counts for nothing, and hard work for even less, and commitment that went out with the hula hoop.

Well, when you’ve been kicked in the head like we have, you’ll learn pretty quick to put first things first. And in the car business product comes first, and product is what brought us back to prosperity; high mileage, front wheel drive, quality products.

Lowest percent of NHTSA safety recalls for ‘82 and ‘83 cars designed and built in North America.

By the way, with the best safety recall record over the last two full model years of any American cars. Convertible they said, nobody wanted, but everybody copied. Sports cars and luxury cars and turbo, so powerful, so efficient, you’ll never go back to V8 again. And a wagon, so versatile, so right for America today, we can’t build enough for them. Not bad for a company that had one foot in the grave.

Today every man and woman at Chrysler has a commitment, to build cars that will take on the best.

We will build two sedans this fall, LeBaron GTS and Dodge Lancer that will challenge BMW, Audi, even Mercedes, for thousands less. And next year we will build a small car right here in America with quality that we’re determined will beat the Japanese at their own game and we will build the best backed American cars with five-year or 50,000 mile protection.

Based on competitive model comparison. Limited warranties. Excludes leases. Ask for details.

Quality, hard work, commitment, the stuff America was made of. Without them there is no future. I have one and only one ambition for Chrysler, to be the best. What else is there?

The New Chrysler Corporation

We don’t want to be the biggest.
Just the best.

Chrysler 1984 Lee Iacocca

Chrysler 1984 Lee Iacocca

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