Christopher Lee – Last Message – Farewell


Christopher Lee – Last Message – Farewell – Christmas Message 2013

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[Christopher Lee – Last Message – Farewell]

[Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee, (27 May 1922 – 7 June 2015)] Source:
Hello, and greetings to you all, wherever you may be. And thank you as always for your appreciation and help during my life as an actor.

Many of you will be wondering why I am wearing this hat. There is a very good reason. This hat was left to me in his will by my dear, dear friend, the late ‘Vincent Price’. He always wore it on Christmas Day and so do I and I have done for quite a few years, maybe I have even done it on this program.

Just one thing I would like to mention, as you all know, The Wicker Man, which is described as the final cut; is now showing in the theaters and cinemas and of course on DVD.

This in my opinion and not just my opinion, but most people, in particularly critics and above all the audience, is one of the greatest British films ever made. It ranks – it ranks within the top ten of all time and deservedly is so.

There is one thing I would like to mention because it seldom is mentioned.

This could not have been done – this film could not have been made, if it had not been for ‘one man’, who has never in my opinion received the approbation, a credit for the reduction of the film, ‘a man’ who said make the film; happened to be the Head of British Lion at that time, so he was in a position to say yes or no and he said ‘yes’. He also was a producer, who don’t seem to hear or read very much about him, but as far as I am concerned he is a man behind the film and that is ‘Peter Snell’, who should really receive the credit for the film being made at all.

As you all know, as the whole world knows, the first film of the new trilogy, the Hobbit, is out and has been out for quite some time with enormous success as you would imagine.

[Christopher Lee] Source:
I am in it with Galadriel, Elrond, and Gandalf and the important thing to remember in this particular scene is that this is Saruman the good, the noble, the white and the head of the clan of the wizards, the Istari is very important, its 70 so more or less years before The Lord of the Rings during which time he changes probably out of jealousy because Gandalf already has one of the three rings.

Um… so it is extremely important the audience to realize and for me to get it over in what I did. That this is Saruman the good and the wise and everything he says and everything he does is for the right reasons of that is in the film the Hobbit.

The second film, which is called, ‘The Desolation of Smaug’, a Dragon, is going to be shown; and I am not exactly sure of the dates, uh… sometime around 12, 13th December and it’s a Big Premier in Los Angeles and the Big Premier in Berlin. I will not be going to either of the premiers for a very good reason; I am not in the film at all, not at all.

I am going to praise god, see it privately with Peter Jackson on the 11th. I am sure it will be brilliant. It is nothing to do with me.

Of third and final film, which takes its title from the book ‘Bilbo’ originally wrote, is called ‘There and Back Again’. And in that film, which will come out December next year and I hope I am around to see that. There is a lot of me in it, a lot – a tremendous amount of fighting, sword play, understanding sympathy, kindness towards Galadriel, towards Gandalf and I am not saying anymore — because that would if the story away, but it’s the third film in which I have the most to do and I have done it, I just hope I will see it, I know you will, you will see this one comes out in December.

As I said, you won’t see me. And I would think almost all of you will see a third one in December 14, so I don’t have to wish that it will be a success; I know these three films together, like the ‘Lord of the Rings’, [correction] of the Rings – of the rings, the trilogy which is now some years old was a colossal hit all over the world, some billions of dollars. I am quite certain that this trilogy which is 70s – 70, 80 years earlier and changes a lot of the characters, mine particularly will be so successful and a huge hit all over the world because as I have said, many years ago when I’d started to work in the first film.

We were visited by the Warner Brothers executives, or may be it was that plain, it was the New Line executives and it was Bob Shaye, the boss of New Line. Okay when they go ahead, all credit to him. And I was having lunch and I had a break. He came in and he sat down opposite to me, he said I am Bob Shaye, I am the Head of New Line [Cinema]. We’re making this film, well, all of them. Now, you have made a lot of movies. You have worked with some great directors, with some fine actors, and actresses. I would like your honest opinion – I don’t want you to say the right thing because it would please me. Bob Shaye, I want you tell me what you think from what you have seen and from what you have done.

[Christopher Lee] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
And I said Mr. Shaye, where this trilogy — the first run, you are creating cinema history and they have. And I firmly believe of course I know the story of this trilogy, ‘The Hobbit’, ‘The Desolation of Smaug’, ‘There and Back Again’ because I have the scripts. So I know what happens. And if asked me or anybody else asked me the same question, I should say, I would say the same thing. I would answer and I would say ‘you are continuing to create cinema history’.

[Christopher Lee]
I sing another version, it is a bit more naughty; not – it’s not bad, I mean bad in the sense of unpleasant, it’s entertaining, it’s certainly different.

[Christopher Lee – A Heavy Metal Christmas]

Thrashing as we go. In a hearse that knows the way. To hell we go! Crying all the way. [?] Darkness is a bone. Death embrace the night!

[Christopher Lee]
And I enclosing of course, I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and for the sake of the world and those people in it, a safe New Year in 2014.

[Christopher Lee – My Way]

And saw it through without exemption. I planned each charted course. Each careful step along the byway. And more, much more than this, I did it my way

Christopher Lee - Last Message - Farewell

Christopher Lee – Last Message – Farewell

Christopher Lee – Last Message – Farewell. Hello, and greetings to you all, wherever you may be. And thank you as always for your appreciation and help during my life as an actor. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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