Christopher Hitchens Resisting Islam


Christopher Hitchens Resisting Islam

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[Christopher Hitchens Resisting Islam]

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There was a huge debate recently about whether or not, women in –Britain should be allowed to wear not the chador, or the – just the scarf, the headscarf, but the all enveloping veil which only allows a slit of this kind, where we should, yes we should allow it, because it’s Islamic. And because the Quran calls for women to cover their head, now the Quran doesn’t call for women to cover their head, there is no such call in the Quran.

There is probably only one society in the region now the Taliban has been removed, namely Saudi Arabia which calls for women have their faces covered. If you went out like that in Turkey, or in Tunisia, for example, you would actually be arrested, you are not allowed to do it in Muslim societies of this kind. Yet in London, it’s considered that the most extreme must be the norm, less we be accused of being insensitive to Muslims. This is the way the rapture gets turned.

An elected member of the Netherlands Parliament, Michael – Geert Wilders was recently arrested and deported at London airport and sent back to Amsterdam because he made a film criticizing the Islamisation of Holland, which is being the campaign of violence, including the murder of Theo van Gogh, descendant of the great painter, who had made a film about the oppression of Muslim women in Amsterdam.

And our Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, the man who does an almost perfect imitation of a sheep in human form.

An early objection of mine to Christianity when I was at school was being told that I was a member of a flock. I don’t know, how you chaps and chapesses feel about this.

I always felt flock was a bit much, although I know of some people whom it could be said, but shepherd, look we know shepherds don’t look after sheep, just because they like them okay, they either want to [fuck] them or fleece them or eat them. The whole thing always seems to be a terrible, you know, figure of the expression, I hope that one has to come out with it.

That’s how Rowan Williams is to me. And he says that he thinks that the United Kingdom should have Sharia law for Muslims. No Muslim had demanded this, no Muslim, and Muhammad he had felt strong enough to dare demand that the Sharia law in Britain.

But the Archbishop of Canterbury says, well let’s make it nice, let’s give it to them before they ask for it. Let’s cry before they are hurt, let’s concede before it’s even being demanded. This is a civilizational question to me and it must be resisted.

And I actually when I arrived at Atlanta, I turned on the TV, CNN the first person I saw was actually Christopher and I was very alarmed, not at what he was saying but at what he was speaking against, and that was the notion that there was a serious motion before the United Nations that saying anything critical of Islam would be criminalized. And that’s the end of free speech and it’s very dangerous. But perhaps you want to comment on that because, I think, you’re probably a much more astute to I am … [Cross Talk Inaudible]

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The UN – United Nation is non-binding – so far non-binding resolution, just carried now for three years, it was carried again this week, sponsored by Pakistan, a country for which we pay, it isn’t really even a country, barely even a state. It’s a construct of Muslim partition-ism carved out of the body of India.

Just wants to tell us, what we can say and what we can think in our own country, and it says that we mustn’t ever use the word Islam in any sentence that includes the words violation of human rights, for example. And that this is in the week when the Government of Pakistan, has handed over to the Taliban, its most fertile valley, this valley of Swat, 100 miles from the capital of Islamabad. I said you can run this valley, militarily and legally. You can have Sharia law and you are the police and enforcers of that, and you enclose all the girls schools.

But we can’t say that your religion has anything to do with violation of human rights, it’s preposterous. Your point about the one-way street is very well made if I may say so. There are Madrasas in – within 50 miles where I live in Washington – in Virginia. There are Saudi paid for schools, that preach violent anti-semitism, hatred of the Shia Muslims, remember they never forget, they hate other muslims too. Of Hindus, of Christians and crusaders and of course of Atheists, so they have got me what, three times I suppose in this – in this field of [indiscernible].

And don’t worry, it’s coming to a place near you. The Qurans that are given out in our prison system, to Muslim prisoners by Muslim chaplains, paid for by Saudi Arabia, are Qurans written to the Wahabi tune. They’re not just your everyday Quran; they’re the Qurans that the Wahabis want you to read, containing direct incitement. They’re being given out with taxpayers’ money in the prison system, where militias are forming. Next you’ll have militias of this kind with their own chaplains within the United States Armed Forces. Are you ready for that? Are you ready to have Wahabi preachers in the U.S. Armed Forces?

You better get ready for it, unless you’re going to take the James Madison view that there shouldn’t be any chaplains in the U.S. armed forces to begin with, or in the prison system. People want to pray, you can’t stop them. But we cannot have state subsidized prayer. We cannot have state subsidized preachers or chaplains. Give it up, or give it to your deadliest enemy and pay for the rope that will choke you.

This is very urgent business, ladies and gentlemen, I beseech you: resist it while you still can and before the right to complain is taken away from you, which will be the next thing. You will be told, you can’t complain – because you’re Islamophobic. The term is already being introduced into the culture, as if it’s an accusation of race hatred for example or bigotry, whereas it’s only the objection to the preachings of a very extreme and absolutist religion.

Watch out for these symptoms, they are not the symptoms of surrender, very often ecumenically offered to you by men of god in other robes, Christian and Jewish and smarmy-ecumentical. – These are the – these are the ones who will hold open the gates for the barbarians. The Barbarians never take a city till someone holds the gates open for them, and it’s your own preachers who will do it for you, and your own multicultural authorities who will do it for you. Resist – resist it while you can. And if you wonder what will happen if you don’t, look and see how a cricket team in Middlesex in England had to change its name by force last week because it was called and had been for years the Middlesex Crusaders look and see how stories about little pigs can’t be taught to children in English schools anymore lest offense be taken by the religion of peace. Resist it while you can.

It’s funny how the [indiscernible] mentioned the Archbishop of Canterbury, caving in non-shariah, the Prince of Wales, the chinless, bat-eared, elder son of a Her Majesty Queen. The man with no taste in women as far as I can see either, his whole job is waiting for his mother to die. Will – when Her Majesty’s heart ceases to beat, Will – on that instant become head of the state, head of the armed forces, and head of the church.

A fate.

[Christopher Hitchens:]
This is what you get, if you found a national church on the family values of Henry VIII.

But as not as…

[Christopher Hitchens:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
And he says that he wants to be not just head of the church, he must head of all faiths, country and with King Fahd of Saudi Arabia has built a gigantic Wahabi madrasa mosque in North London where the housed, the man intrigues although you have to take of your shoes every time you go to the airport which agreed, well in the overnight guest there, little house two or four I think of the, 9/11 hijackers. A pest house in the middle of London, paid for by Saudi money adjoining the patronage of, his Royal Highness Prince Charles. Its tri-zone, a very high level tri-zone by those whose responsibility it is to safeguard and to – uphold what we used to think, well, listen there is – they’ve sold them out, in an attempt to show, how friendly to Islam they could be.

Christopher Hitchens - Resisting Islam

Christopher Hitchens – Resisting Islam

Christopher Hitchens Resisting Islam. You can’t complain – because you’re Islamophobic. The term is already being introduced into the culture. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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