Chris Thompson – A Rape On Campus


Chris Thompson – A Rape On Campus

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[Chris Thompson – A Rape On Campus]

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What’s supdaily crew. The research that went into making this video was pretty lengthy. As it should be because this is a very sensitive subject.

In November Rolling Stone released an article called ‘A rape on campus’ and it revealed a story of a brutal gang-rape that happened on a college campus to someone who they named Jackie for the purposes up that article.

This story was really hard to read because it was so brutal – the article went viral as it should because rape is a big issue.

The amount of people that get away with rape is a huge issue.

The problem with this article is that information is false.

And only after the article was published and people started to call into question the facts of the article – did a true in-depth investigation occur into the legitimacy of the claims of the rape victim.

It took from November last year until now to get a retraction and essentially Rolling Stone said: ‘My bad’.

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No one got fired or suspended for reporting bad information and Jackie goes on with her life and this is a concern. You can’t solely place the blame on the writer, though she got almost over permeation directly from the victim and make no effort to really get the other side up the story, in order for this story to get published it had to go through a large chain of command.

So let’s call this exactly what it is Rolling Stone saw an article that they knew would blow up for them and then they used it in order to get attention for their magazine; without doing their due-diligence to find out if the information was fact.

This can’t happen falsely accusing someone of rape discredits actual rape victims. And that makes it that much harder for them to come out and tell their story.

We can’t automatically assume that somebody is telling the truth.

Seeking the truth is just as important as understanding the sensitivity surrounding allegations like this, and this is where it gets tricky and I want your opinion:

Should the punishment for falsely accusing someone of rape?

Should they be punishment for posting an article with this information?

Can you dissuade people from falsely accusing other people or rape without dissuading actual rape victims from coming forth?

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This is a really tricky situation. So tell me in the comments.

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Chris Thompson A Rape On Campus

Chris Thompson A Rape On Campus

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