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[Chris Crocker (born Christopher Darren Cunningham; December 7, 1987):] Source:
Chris Crocker: I have been so annoying this past week, melodrama. I’ve been having that time of the month, because even if you are not biologically a woman, you still have PMS, which I like to call Permanently Mentally Stable ’cause women are smarter than men, so whatever.

But you guys have been there for me and I just want to say that’s not lost on me. It means more than you will ever now. I know that we only communicate through video and comments, but I want you to know, it affects my life in a way when I feel like no one else believes in me.

And I read these comments, I get inspired and the fact that you guys say I make you happy and your comments make me feel strong. I’m glad we have a mutual relationship, because I love the shit out of you guys, even when you’re mean in the comments. Because you know what, at least you guys call me out on my bullshit, when I’m not being myself, and you guys have been there for me.

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And it’s the people who are there for you, when you are not even yourself and you can’t even see your ass from a hole in the ground, who call you out and love and support you no matter what, that’s family. And that’s what you guys have been to me. I want you to know that. Eye to eye, I love you. [*kiss*] Have a blessed weekend, be safe and just know, I love you. I want you to love you too.

Chris Crocker Xo

Chris Crocker Xo

Chris Crocker Xo. Eye to eye, I love you. [*kiss*]. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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