Chris Crocker Transgender People Legally Protected To Use Public Restrooms


Chris Crocker Transgender People Legally Protected To Use Public Restrooms

It is VERY important for Transgender people to be able to LEGALLY be protected to use public restrooms without having to be harassed or get in trouble!!!!

Posted by Chris Crocker on Thursday, March 24, 2016

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[Chris Crocker Transgender People Legally Protected To Use Public Restrooms]

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I’m still seeing a lot of people about why it is so important for Transgender men and women to be able to use the bathroom of the gender they feel they are.

I kept getting a lot of responses on the posts that I re-posted of the people saying, ‘they had mixed emotions’ about this. And they were saying, well this might create an option for perverts to go into the bathroom, and this might create – instantly my mind is just, I don’t even know how to respond to that cause I’m sitting here thinking, those awful people are – are already going to be awful people.

What this issue is really about is, picture a person who might be female to male for example, and they have a beard, and they have to walk into a women’s restroom, and the women are obviously going to stand around and go, ‘what’s going on?’.

Now, the reason this is important and some people say, ‘why wouldn’t they just go in the men’s room?’

Well, legally there’s not much protection right now if – if say, you know, I, in my everyday life, when I was living a a girl with my hair and makeup, every single day was a battle, when I would go to the airport, when I would go the grocery store, no matter where I would go it was a battle to know, like which bathroom I would go in – it was literally more than the stares people would give me and more than anything it was literally the thing in my life, every single day I was like, this is so stressful, and it’s literally just me like, needing to pee, like, it should not be this stressful to have to pee.

And, no one understood like, how just the simple thing like that, when I would tell my friends and my family, they would be like; ‘well just go in the bathroom, you have on hair and makeup’, and I’m like, it’s not that simple, you know, I wasn’t transitioned. And I didn’t have, you know – breasts and – and there’s a lot of people who are transitioning that are not at that place yet, you know, for me I stopped, I stopped my transition and living in Tennessee without the finances and my family being highly religious, who I have to live with, due to finances at the time.

I just decided it’s not worth the constant, like, I can’t even live my everyday life, I don’t even have the money to pay for my transition on top of the emotional stress I’m going through.

And what I really want people to understand is that, you have no idea what it’s like, the shoes that that person is in because why would someone put themselves in that situation to go through that torment, if that’s not how they genuinely felt, and to have to go through this battle and to add on to it, to not be able to do something as simple as use the restroom when you – when you need to.

It’s – it’s – it’s upsetting and what’s upsetting about it even more is the confusion that people have, and they think that it’s going to create perverts to do these things and that is – that’s bigotry at its finest and there are people who are genuinely confused and have questions and to those people that want to understand people are here to help you understand but I just want people to know that this is literally just about a simple basic right, it’s not about creating a whole new bathroom for all Transgender people.

You should be able to go into the bathroom whether you have fully transitioned or not, whether you just have implants and you feel like a woman, and you haven’t gotten the full operation, you should be able to go into the bathroom that you so choose.

Because basically what people are saying is if you don’t fit into the box, if you have implants, but you’re not fully transitioned you can not go into the bathroom – that is setting people up for discrimination. That is setting people up for discrimination. And you’re saying you’re so uncomfortable because of the – the idea someone that might have implants but other parts is in there, wanting to use the restroom.

Quit focusing so much on bodily parts and maybe focus on the fact that you haven’t lived one ounce of the uncomfort or discomfort and the discrimination that that person has lived.

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And for you to think that if your uncomfort – your discomfort as so precedent when you don’t know a mile that that person has had to walk and they can’t even use the bathroom, it’s disgusting and you people need to open your eyes and something needs to be done to protect all Trans and Gender Fluid people – The End!

And anyone that disagrees with that, please do not visit my page, because it is something that is very personal to me and I do not want you on my page if you can’t understand that, it’s a basic right and I’m sick of the ignorance. So that’s what I had to say.

Chris Crocker Transgender People Legally Protected To Use Public Restrooms

Chris Crocker Transgender People Legally Protected To Use Public Restrooms

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