Chinese 7 Up Commercial Parody


Chinese 7 Up Commercial Parody

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[Chinese 7 Up Commercial Parody]

2L for only ¥4.9

Stop him!


Babe, I miss you

Sorry, I’m getting married


Check this video out. It’s hilarious.

He prefer watching YouTube than sleeping with me

She has been crying for the whole night. Help her out

What can I do?

Is not your boyfriend a cop? Call him

Freeze! We are police. Don’t get any closer

We come for peace


(mobile phone ring) Source:

Who is it? How many times have I told you to turn your phone to vibrate mode?

Blood for blood

For all aliens

Oh my god

Oh no! We are homeless now

Stay calm

I have never expect the earth exploded right after we have landed on the moon. What shall we do?

Let me try

Try what?

A time machine

Time machine? Are you kidding me?

Freeze! We are police

I must save the world. I must save the world. No!

She has been crying for the whole night. Help her out

Don’t cry

What have I done wrong? He treats me as crap

Come on!

Oh no, the man is beating her up. Come on

Ok, I’ll make a call

Hey, come here


No! I’m saving the world

Be nice, stay calm, behave yourself

Water… water…

2L for only ¥4.9



Stop him! Source: L Y B I O . N E T

7UP Hu Ge

7UP Hu Ge

Chinese 7 Up Commercial Parody. 2L for only ¥4.9. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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