Cheating Girlfriend Exposed


Cheating Girlfriend Exposed

Cheating Girlfriend Anna Miller Exposed

Cheating Girlfriend Anna Miller Exposed

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[Cheating Girlfriend Exposed]


…and then Red Bull.

Oh, that’s awesome. Sorry, I don’t want the tie like on your eyes.

Don’t think this any other way, babe.

Okay, all right. Come on.

I’m going to trip.

You’re not going to trip, I got you, I promise you.

Uh huh…

Keep going. Sarah, get out of the way. No, no, okay. Sarah, move bitch – like move it up till you can see a little bit. All right, all right, sit to the right. Damn it, the dog, fucked up the couch. All right, sit, sit down, stay there. Don’t peak…

I’m not.

…motherfucker. Do not peak. Source:

I’m not, I’m holding it there.

Okay. Cool.


All right, let me shut the door real quick. All right, give me your purse, you got to set your shit down. Give me your drink.

I want my drink.

I’m being sweet as fuck woman. Get it together. Are you together. Your tie – the tie is so not on your eyes. You totally peaked.

No, I’m closing that.

You peaked so hard.

No, I’m closing that.

You totally peaked.


Yeah, you did.

No, I didn’t.

Yes, you did.

No, I didn’t. They’ve been closed for the entire time.

You totally peaked.


You totally peaked.

No, I didn’t.

Yeah, you did.

No, I didn’t.

Yeah. All I’m just trying to be sweet.


I was being sweet. Source:

Valentine’s Day sucks!

Every time I was being sweet.

If I can’t spend it with you, definitely sucks if I can’t spend it with you.

Yeah, I know it.

I know – I’m being sweet as fuck.

Thank you.

And there is one more surprise for you.

Oh yeah?

Yes. It’s a big surprise, you’re going to love it. You might be a little mad at me about it.

Mad at you?

Kind of, I think so.

What’d you do?

I did something, I definitely did something. I did something bad. Yeah, I did something bad. Definitely did. All right, I’m going to put the blindfold back on and I’m going to get it, okay?

How about – a hood?

Yeah, I’m going to put it back on so I can go and get it. All right?

I don’t look, I don’t look.

No, you’re getting blindfolded again. Come on. Here, you put it on yourself. Put it on yourself. Put it on to where you actually can’t see this time. I know I fucked it up the first time.


All right. Sit up straight like hunching over, right?

I know; I suck at sitting straight.

Well, sit up straight, all right. Okay. You ready?


Okay. I made a card for you. Remove the blindfold. Yeah!


That’s you cheating on me. So get the fuck out of my house right now.


I’m glad you drove an hour for no fucking reason and this is going on YouTube sweetheart.

I don’t care, you know.

I know you don’t care because you’re a whore.

Oh yes. That’s something I don’t believe.

Get the fuck out.


Get out. Get out of my house right now. Leave.

Hey bitch. Hey bitch.

Leave. YouTube – you’re going to be famous sweetheart. I got front and back picture of your ID. Leave, leave and leave. Get out, get out, get out.

It’s really gross. Hey, bye bitch, and get the fuck out of my house. Source: L Y B I O . N E T

Happy Valentine's Day Cheating Girlfriend

Happy Valentine’s Day Cheating Girlfriend

Cheating Girlfriend Exposed. Valentine’s Day sucks! Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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