Charlie Rogers – Talks About Violent Attack


Charlie Rogers – Talks About Violent Attack

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[Charlie Rogers – Talks About Violent Attack]

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Being a victim in a situation like this or a survivor ah and then having your ah, integrity question, I guess, it feels very ah victimizing again, it feels very saddening ah it makes and already difficult situation more difficult um, because you know my world has been changed forever by these events and and ah so the idea that – that people think it’s a lie is hurtful, it’s understandable, I mean, intellectually I understand that people sort of having a hard time wrapping their heads around the events of what happened as do I. Um, but I’m a person, you know, with feelings, with concerns and its just so ah – it feels like; I don’t know, it feels like a punch in the stomach kind of; like a betrayal.

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Instead of the focus being on safety, healing and the investigation, the whole thing turns into a defence, it’s actually starts to feel like: Oh, you know, ah – it’s doesn’t even become of the situation it becomes about something all together different, and then I start to feel like a pawn a game, that isn’t my game, you know, this isn’t – I didn’t ask for this, I didn’t want this, whatever peoples intentions are or are not, it’s important for me to understand for myself and for future victims, hopefully there will be none but, people are people, agendas are agendas, I think it’s so important that we distinguish between those two things. Um. I was hurt and like, what matters is the story, that’s awful, it feels awful to me, this is an investigation, this is a crime, this is not – it deserves a level of respect, I know when these sorts of things happen it ignites fires, that’s a good thing in some ways, and that could also be a bad thing, um, I’m not a pawn in a game, you know, I’m a person and it very much feels like I’m being used as a pawn.

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I want people to know that I’m not afraid, I want other victims to know that its important to come forward, and I also wanted some control over what was happening in the media um and I thought the best way to do that, is to do it myself. I want people to understand that maybe you don’t know me, but you probably know somebody that something like this has happened to, so for people to think that this doesn’t happen here, it does. It did. Everyone is worthy of safety, justice, and of fairness, and I’m not hiding from this anymore, there is fear, there is resilience, there is forward.

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