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Charlie Murphy That’s My Brother

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That’s My Brother

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Ait, when I first started rolling on my brother you know I was doing security, I was in charge of security back then, you know. I was really proud, you know – to – you know what my brother had accomplished, you know, because I – I remember the old days before any of this happened. You know I remembered the puffed rice with no sugar – sugar smacks that didn’t have no sugar on it – it was just the smack. I remember the welfare peanut butter tearing up the bread, okay. I remember uh…

Explain the thing about when you didn’t understand the welfare peanut butter thing?

[Charlie Murphy:] Source:
Oh, welfare peanut butter? Well, welfare peanut butter is kind of like a Mary Jane. Imagine trying to take a Mary Jane and spread it on bread and make sandwich.

But you usually want to deal with it…

[Charlie Murphy:] Source:
Well now that – when I went to the navy I found out, if you take some – some – some cooking oil and add it to the welfare peanut butter, it turns into like Skippy’s – it’s nice and creamy and you could spread it. But I didn’t know that when I was a kid, you know, saying. So we fucked up mad bread trying to make peanut butter sandwiches and shit. So, just to go from that, to go from the apartment to the house in Long Island to you know having this brother that became a star.

You know what I’m saying and no one that we was growing they didn’t have all these channels on TV. You know, we’ve only had a couple of channels and my brother pointed at the television and said, ‘I want to be on that one day.’ And when he pointed at it, you know, I think, it was probably one black person on it was Julia. It’s something like, you know what I’m saying was so it was unfathomable that he would be even become a star, but he did. And I was – I was man proud of my brother, man.

Well first of all, when we were kids right, I’m the older brother. So, you know, I put it to you like this, I found out that I could whip a lot of motherfuckers ass, that I didn’t think I could whip because they stepped to him. You know what I’m saying, it was gas what I was afraid of, but I was more – I’ve always been more afraid of my mom’s and shit. So I was like, you know, I don’t care if you are a big butchy, I got to do you because, if I go home and my little brother has messed up, and he – and my mother say, ‘well what did you do?’ I better be messed up worse than him. You know what I’m saying.

My mother was a type – we in Brooklyn hang the belt out the window and say ‘you whip his ass or I’m going to whip your ass.’ Which means the only thing that was acceptable was victory man, you know, that was the only the acceptable.

I can remember when my brother was doing before I was started working for him and he was trying – he was just doing comedy and he would go. And he would do like a high school or he would go do Hofstra University, or you know, little sets he was around the area. And the ability to go in front of an audience and express yourself and make them laugh, you know what I’m saying, that was like really amazing to me that he had that power. You know to stand in front of a group of people and say, this is what I think is funny I’m going to make you laugh and do it.

[Charlie Murphy:] Source:
But because he was so good at it and I was so proud of him, I was like if you didn’t laugh, I was really emotional, I would probably fuck you up for not laughing. That’s how I felt, because I felt that everybody should laughing because I thought it was funny, you know what I’m saying. Everybody else is laughing. But there’s always that one hatter that one person that’s not going go with the flow, that’s going to try to throw an egg on a show and all that. And I would always react to that person.

When I started working for my brother. You know as security that was the reason that ultimately led to me – ultimately led to me not being able to perform that task for him anymore because I was the hot head security guard.

To be a security guard you have to be – you have to separate yourself from the person and do a job, a professional job. You can’t be reacting to everything you hear, or insults or slurs that somebody. And if you are a celebrity, you know, and especially if – my brother was a young male, you know what I’m saying, women was on him.

I mean I remember walking through the club man, we used to go into club and drain it. We used to drain the club man, just walking and go like this, walk, do a lap and walk out though. All the girls in the club will leave, wherever he was going. You know what I’m saying. And so, the guys, they’re going to be saying shit that you know ‘fuck that motherfucker man, shit. I got money too nigga.’ Nigga pull out, you know, this little [nut/knife], whatever. That happened a lot and I used to always react to cats like that, you know.

Soon they do it, I’d be like, what bah! and then I’m rolling on the ground with this motherfucker. Fuck that motherfucker man shit, punkass nigga. I had to react to that, you know. And it was to the extreme with me where they knew this is what – this is what led them saying you know what Charlie maybe you should perform a different job in the operation here because, you know, you – you – you overreacted man, you reacted in the too much shit, you know, eventually you’re going to do something bad, you going to jump on a midget or a baby or something man, because you just whoever say something, you know, I almost gave an old man a heart attack on the plane because he – he asked us whether we were a basketball team. And I took that personally, you know, this is all white man and we were in first class and my man was, I mean, he was real old, he looked ‘who are you guys, you’re a basketball team?’

And then my brain added this up. Well he’s about 30 years older than us, which means he’s from the 60’s! Where they had the dogs, and the horses and all that. There was no niggas on first class. So I flipped, I said, ‘no, motherfucker, we are the black panthers, and I’m the president bitch. Turn yo motherfucking ass around and fly and you mind your own motherfucking business.’ And then he was like this — the rest of the flight he was horrified. You know it. That’s how I’d react I will always go to the extreme.

[Charlie Murphy:] Source:
And the ultimate extreme was one night, we was in Chicago. We werre in a restaurant and there was a football player named Darryl Stingley. And Darryl Stingley, you know, he got paralyzed from the neck down by another football player named Jack Tatum, he got took a hell of a hit and he got paralyzed, you know, which is a very tragic thing. You know. So Darryl Stingley was, he happened to come to this restaurant we were in and in that time he was a celebrity and he still having the whole bunch of girls with him you know what I’m saying. But you know, my brother was in there with a tight leather on and all that. Darryl Stingley you know what I’m saying he was – he couldn’t move, man, you know what I’m saying, he is over here, so just let me give you an idea what was going on.

We had our table chillin’ right, and the girls with Stingley they was paying a little bit too much attention to my brother, so we didn’t call it hating back then but Stingly started hating man, the motherfucker. He is like this ‘fuck Eddie Murphy, fuck that punkass nigga shit, I got money, fuck y’all keep looking at this nigga for, fuck him, fuck buckwheat, niggas corny anyway, I don’t like Beverly Hills Cop.’

It’s going on, and on, and on and on, loud man, the whole restaurant could hear it. No one is saying anything to Darryl because you know as a culture, as a society it’s kind of wrong to step to this guy, you know. But you know I’ve told you man, I make my own rules man, fuck that man.

If you are talking head motherfucker, and you acting like you forgot that’s what you are, I’m going to hold the mirror up and let you see what’s going on.

I went over there I told him I said ‘look man, do you want me to flip your fucking chair over, huh? And stomp your mouth because that’s the only thing that’s moving you want to lose that, huh?’

And he looked me in the eye and he seen that I was – dead serious I was going to flip that motherfucker’s chair over and stomp his mouth man, and he got horrified.

[Charlie Murphy:] Source:
I said I’m going back over to my table if I hear one more peep out of you man, when I come back over here I’m going to fuck you up man, and now shut the fuck up. And he don’t know, then his eye lids were trembling because that’s the only thing that could move. He is sitting there shit you know what I’m saying, so I go back to my seat and I sit down, my brother was like: ‘yo, man why that was messed up man’, I said ‘you hear him saying anything wrong about you anymore’.
See, how that’s I messed up it is, ‘you anymore Eddie Murphy is a bitch, fuck Beverly Hills Cop?’ The nigga’s silent, right?

That’s how it’s supposed to be, he supposed to be enjoying his meal and shut the fuck up over there and eat his meal. That’s what he is doing there. And the girls that was over there they was quite I heard one of them say: ‘Darryl you are not eating anything’, he had lost his appetite.

You know what I mean, I mean I’m sorry I ruined his meal but he was ruining mine. I’m not hearing it, you know and it was all stemming from that’s my brother man, I’m not having it.

[Charlie Murphy:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
I was to the point where man, if I went to show and he you was that hater in that audience that was, ‘that shit wasn’t funny’ – paaaah! Jamming you man! Cause that shit was funny I think almost 10,000 people laughed at it. And you that one joker that tried to squeeze the lemon. Fuck you, I don’t want you to be here. And I took it as a personal crusade until he was like, ‘you know what you look overzealous with the way you’re performing your job. So that was how I ended up not doing it no more, man.

Charlie Murphy That's My Brother

Charlie Murphy That’s My Brother

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