Chad Prather Protesting The Protesters


Chad Prather Protesting The Protesters

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[Chad Prather Protesting The Protesters]

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Let’s talk about these protesting college kids. Good for you, great job exercising your First Amendment rights, well now, I’m gonna exercise mine…

What are you protesting? The American political process? The Electoral College? The Constitution?

No, you just didn’t get your way. Get back into Starbucks and yell about your latte order messed up. Maybe go back to class start with Civics 101.

Yeah, I remember when I was in college and thought I knew everything too. Look I blame my generation, yes my generation because these whiny college kids, they’re our kids, they’re our responsibility.

You see our baby boomer parents they worked hard and in many cases they became wealthy. It took them years to accomplish that, many of them worked so hard they forgot they had kids that needed discipline. So discipline began to fade away.

My generation, their kids’ generation X came along and we were spoiled rotten. We got stuff instead of quality time, we got our way, we got out of college thinking the world owed us something, immediately we thought we deserved to be successful. Right now and on par with a 30 year accomplishments of our parents. And we weren’t and we became disillusioned.

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Then we had millennial babies. Oh they’d never know failure. We wouldn’t allow it. These wondrous miracles that could do no wrong. They deserve the best in comfort, luxury and gaming systems. They needed the fastest internet and constant praise and a trophy for everything they sucked at. The latest and greatest for my babies, they didn’t just want it they deserved it.

This generation even wants emotional things, we need to feel right about our world and if it doesn’t make me emotionally satisfied. There must be something wrong with it.

So now we’ve got our coddled protesters curled up in their college cry zones, I cannot be expected to take a test when I really don’t feel good about reality. [sobbing]

I’m sorry your daddy called you Princess baby, because you’re not one, daddy lied. What do you expect from kids that grew up warping their brains watching The Wiggles – Fruit Salad.

Listen pumpkin spice, going to class is a privilege not a right. Your education while not really preparing you for a lot of what’s headed your way in life isn’t free and I’m guessing Mommy and Daddy pays the bills.

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So here’s an idea, why don’t you just quit school go get a job and some health insurance and live happily ever after. That’s right. The folks you’re protesting for have made those things virtually impossible and you have no marketable skills. So get back to class snow flake, while the rest of us fix this.

Now kids for our next class, we’re going to teach you how you can’t call a person that married a foreigner a xenophobe.

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Love you all, God bless. Here is Facebook poke and what you really need is a spanking.

Chad Prather Protesting The Protesters

Chad Prather Protesting The Protesters

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Chad Prather Protesting The Protesters. What are you protesting? The American political process? The Electoral College? The Constitution? No, you just didn’t get your way. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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