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Kanye West – BET Honors – Do It For The Human Race

Kanye West - BET Honors - Do It For The Human Race

Kanye West – BET Honors – Do It For The Human Race

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[Kanye West – BET Honors – Do It For The Human Race]

[Damon Dash (born May 3, 1971):] Source: LYBIO.net
So, Kanye for your courage and you’re creativity for inspiring the world without being scared, I’m proud to present The Visionary Award from BET Honors.

I love you

[Kanye Omari West (June 8, 1977):] Source: LYBIO.net
Do you mind if I put the award down? ‘Cause it’s like easier for me to talk, okay.

(Put it down)

[Kanye West:]
Well seeing that I think that maybe for one of the first times in my life I understand how it is to feel humbled – I want to say some thank yous really quick uh…thank God for Stephen Hill who is so sincerely good at exactly what he does and gives so much and doesn’t care about what [go] somebody is driving or how big somebody’s house is and brings the most awesome collection of classic, current and futuristic black music everyday so, make some noise for Stephen Hill to start with.

[Kanye West:]
So, since this is pre-taped and the fact that Adam Blackstone used to be my music director I’m uh – I’m pretty sure he’s not going to start the music on me.

If I go Chicago for a second, you know. You know it was interesting when I went and visited Minister Louis Farrakhan and I just really wanted to expand so much more on the things that I’ve been talking about over the past couple of years. And, it was interesting or ground breaking and really special for me to see his reaction and his expression about my relationship with the woman not of color. And for us to focus on the idea of love and not the idea of separation.

You know, at the barber shop and everything I used to hear like people always talk about ‘man, you know, when a – when an entertainer get on – of course, you know, he gon’ go and get a white girl and all this’. But I want to say that, you know and ‘the white girl gonna go get a rich black dude. And you know’. But I want to say that my wife has dated broke black dudes – you know. So it ain’t got nothing to do with the money. And it takes me back to a story that she told me where her father Robert Kardashian, walked out and on the side of his Bentley they wrote, ‘Nigger Lover,’ because Robert Kardashian was the genius that put together the defense team that got O.J. off. She had never seen her father curse, get mad—he was the most laid-back human being and he went so crazy and tried to chase the people down. And she stood there crying and said, ‘Dad, why are you going so crazy?’ and she said and – he said to her, ‘One day, you may have a black child. A beautiful, beautiful, beautiful black child. And it’s gonna be hard. You’re gonna see how hard it is.’

[Kanye West:] Source: LYBIO.net
So true enough, we deal with racism because there are different races, or the micro of it is that we focus on the different races, as opposed to the macro, which is the human race.

The bitter sound bites that everyone loved from last year that got taken out of context or misunderstood did come from a place of saying: ‘Yes, part of the reason why I’m not allowed to be empowered is because of race, because of people’s perception of celebrity, because all they want to present to young black men is the idea of making it to the league or making it to be a rapper, but not the idea of becoming an owner.’ And they would do anything they can to make it seem like a truthful idea is a stupid idea, or a crazy idea.

Harriet Tubman said she could’ve freed so many more and I’m sorry mom if that was incorrect English – uh… Harriet Tubman said she could’ve freed more only if they knew they weren’t free.

So they don’t think that because we can afford this custom Balmain suit that we’re free. And don’t think that because we can buy a $300,000 car that we’re free. And don’t think that because it’s three percent of a gated community has colored people in it, that we’re free. It’s the mentality – the slave mentality where we all eventually become slaves to that car, slaves to the perception, slaves to the idea of being cool.

[Kanye West:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
I thought it was so appropriate the way Wayne Brady kicked his whole shit off tonight. Forced to express ourselves. Our power, our oil – since we don’t own any oil, our oil is our expression, is our influence. Don’t never let them take that away. And when we have the chance to express it and to influence, don’t only just do it for us, do it for the human race.

Kanye West – BET Honors – Do It For The Human Race. Don’t think that because we can buy a $300,000 car that we’re free. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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