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Education creates a world of opportunity. But as technology in the classroom expands opportunity for some, million of disconnected students are falling further behind.

Sacatepéquez – Guatemala

I live in a village called El Rosario that you can’t find on a map. We don’t have internet here because people don’t have the resources. In order to get internet, I have to travel, wait for a bus, transfer… Sometimes it’s also dangerous because people have been killing or smuggled.

Sandra Castro (Teacher): Source:
These days have access to technology means you are up to date. We’re falling further behind everyday.

Jessica Hammer (Learning Equality Partner):
The difference between kids that have access to quality information and kids that don’t, it’s like they live in two different centuries. Technology is bringing equality in a lot of things but its increasing the gap between the ones that have and the ones that don’t.

Lionel Godinez (Community Leader):
The reality is that our village is small but we are united. We are always striving to do the best that we can.

The kids who don’t finish primary school end up working in the fields with the fathers. Our desire is to change that.

Jessica Hammer (Learning Equality Partner):
Parents want their kids to definitely have a better future. How can you dream of becoming an engineer, if you don’t even know what an engineer is? The kids have textbooks but the information inside them is outdated, versus a tablet that gets updated quickly.

Learning Equality gathers all of the content that exists online and puts it on a thumbdrive. With this thumbdrive, we have the opportunity to bring all of this information to schools in the most rural areas of Guatemala, and connect it to a server, so that kids can have access to online content in a place without internet.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep studying. But with the videos on the tablet, it’s so much easier to learn math.

With this program the whole community is very happy, because we never had access like our children have now. This will propel our community further than where we are today.

Jessica Hammer:
These kids are reducing the limitations of what they can be in the world.

My village, El Rosario, is important because the people here deserve the same as everyone else.

What kids learn today shapes the world we live in tomorrow.

With support from, Learning Equality is creating more opportunity for El Rosario + Learning Equality Closing Global Education Gaps + Learning Equality Closing Global Education Gaps

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